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Gracie needs help please

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by Sara, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. Sara

    Sara New Member

    This is a crosspost from my email... This is not MY situation...I don't have enough room to take Gracie or I would foster her till she finds a home... This is rather urgent if you are interrested in lending a hand please email the sender of this letter...there is contact info. in the body... Thanks.

    To whom it may concern:

    The following email was written by my boyfriend Jim. He went into
    great lengths to document every detail about my dog's life and history...Im
    forwarding it to you in hopes that you or someone you know may give her
    another chance at a peaceful happy life, as there is no way that I may
    keep her. As much as possible we would love to stay in contact with
    her and visit with her once she is adopted. she is an AWESOME dog, and
    would be great as an only dog for a companion. Shes been bounced around
    way too many times and needs a permanent, loving home. Send this onto
    dog lovers or anyone you think would be a good parent to Gracie. Please
    Love Lauren
    contact me at this email,

    heres the email:

    The reason I am emailing you is because I am hoping you can help me
    place a 21 month old South African Boerboel female, named Gracie, into a
    loving home. Gracie has had a rough start to her life. She was brought
    over from South Africa for the sole purpose of being a cog in a puppy
    mill machine. She was only in the country for 2 months before suffering
    from a prolapsed uterus. This condition made it impossible for her to
    be used for breeding and the breeder left Grace to die. Gracie laid
    there in a cage with her uterus hanging out of her body for four days.
    The breeder had left her to die. Another lady who worked with the
    breeder at PetSmart offered to take Grace to her vet and have her uterus
    completely removed. The procedure was successful and Grace, although
    losing forty pounds, was alive and on her way to recovering.
    The woman who took Grace in also owned horses. While Grace was
    recovering, she would chase the horses and try to play with them. At one
    point, she was kicked in the head by one of the horses and suffered hearing
    damage and possibly some type of traumatic brain injury. Her ear was
    split and constantly bleeding. The woman did not take her to the vet.
    Instead, she decided to put Grace up for adoption.
    My girlfriend worked at PetSmart and was willing to give Grace a new
    Grace's new home would consist of my girlfriend (Lauren), her other
    dog Anna (a 55 pound, 2 year old shepherd mix, and 2 cats. Anna has
    been known to be dog aggressive in the past, but we thought with lots of
    work and supervision, we could break her aggressive and possessive
    After about 2 weeks, the 2 dogs were getting along fine. No problems
    beside minor scuffles and Anna growling. Her ear was treated, and she
    was well on her way to full recovery from all she had been through.
    Several months later, around labor day, Anna and Grace got into a
    fight. Anna, who was off leash, was dancing around Grace, who was
    leashed. Grace got a hold of Anna and slammed her to the ground. I broke
    the 2 of them up by jumping in between them and tearing them apart, but
    not before Anna had pierced Grace's ear. Lauren took Grace away on her
    leash as I had Anna restrained by her collar.
    Shortly after, the 2 dogs returned to normal behavior and lived
    peacefully like they had for the past couple months. We thought the fight
    was a fluke happening because Anna was taunting a restrained Grace.
    The following Saturday, Lauren let Anna and Grace outside while she
    hopped in the shower. While she was in the shower, Anna and Grace
    broke into a full blown dog fight. Hearing the fight from her bathroom,
    Lauren ran outside to break the dogs up. She tried pulling Grace off of
    Anna, when Grace bit her foot, breaking her first and third metatarsals.
    The dogs continued to fight until the neighbors turned a hose on the
    two of them. This finally got the 2 dogs apart.
    An ambulance took Lauren to the hospital. The neighbors put Anna
    inside and left Grace outside. Lauren contacted me from the hospital and
    asked me if I could go to her house and check to see if the dogs were
    I arrived at her house and saw Grace first. Her ears were ripped
    open and bleeding. She had puncture wounds on her legs and neck.
    Although she was bloody, Grace did not seem to be too badly injured. Anna on
    the other hand looked like a professional boxer who just lost a 15
    round match. I tended to both dogs wounds. None of the cuts or bruises
    were significant and both dogs would heal back to normal. Anna was
    temporarily moved to Lauren's mother's house, and Grace stayed at her
    house. Lauren would also heal, but would have to decide what to with the
    dogs, knowing the 2 of them could no longer live in the same house.
    Lauren had raised Anna from a pup, and had decided to put Grace up
    for adoption.
    Lauren's parent's had suggested that we contact their close friends
    Frank and Helen. Frank and Helen are animal lovers as well. They own a
    6 year old Cane Corso and were looking to get another dog. The Cane
    Corso (named Scully) was also possessive of her home territory and
    especially her bones. We once again thought we could make it work between
    the 2 dogs.
    Helen is a nurse who is away from home during work hours, but Frank
    was home almost everyday with the 2 dogs. For the next couple weeks,
    Frank and Helen worked with the dogs. The progress was rapid and very
    positive. The two dogs seemed to have worked things out and were living
    happily together.
    About two months after initially taking Grace into their home, Frank
    and Helen had Frank's parents and Lauren and her mother over to watch
    the football game and to visit. The room they were in was quite small
    for 6 people and 2 large dogs. Grace had a bone that Scully was
    possessive over and was near Frank's dad, who Scully was also possessive of.
    Scully continually tried to take the bone from Grace, until the 2 of
    them got into a fight. Frank tried to break the 2 of them up and was bit
    by Grace. His pinky finger was severed from the fingernail up. They
    separated the dogs and went to the hospital.
    Scully moved into Frank's parents house and Grace stayed with Helen
    and Frank (after he got out of the hospital).
    After long thought, Frank and Helen decided that they could not give
    up Scully and would have to put Grace up for adoption. This brings us
    to where we are today. We have determined that Grace is also dog
    aggressive and needs to be the only pet in a home. She also needs a home
    with no small children because she plays a little rough. Grace's past is
    going to make it hard for us to find a home for her. Although she did
    bite 2 people, it was result of them getting in between her and another
    dog. She is not people or food aggressive in any way. Grace would make
    a great companion. She is a sweetheart and deserves a good home where
    she can be herself. Our fear is she would end up in a fighting ring or
    ultimately have to be put to sleep if we can not find her a suitable
    home. She has had a rough start and I hope you will be able to aide me
    or help me get in touch with someone else who would be able to aide me
    in finding Grace the home she deserves. I would like to be a part of
    process in anyway possible. I truly care for her nothing would make
    me happier than seeing her finally settled in with a good family.
    Please email me back with your opinions and your advice on where to go from
    here. I realize that this email is more like a novel than a normal
    email, but I feel it is important that you are made aware of Grace's
    complete past. Thanks for taking the time to read this and take care,

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