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Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by someday, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. someday

    someday New Member

    I was walking Annie around the block last night and we were almost home when we walked past a woman on the sidewalk talking to someone in a car in the street, she was holding a little minature poodle in her arms. We had just walked past her when the poodle jumped from her arms(luckily she was on a leash) and started barking and snarling, straining on the leash at Annie. The lady just laughed and acted like she couldn't hold the dog back. It made me so mad. Annie's not dog aggressive, but she's never had one come up to her snarling either. Luckily she was a very good girl and only looked at the little dog and went right along when I told her to heel. So I was proud of her. But I couldn't believe the woman would actually let her poodle come snarling after a pit bull, she might not have been so lucky had it been another dog that didn't appriciate being chased after.
  2. GinaH

    GinaH New Member

    Some people with feefee foofoo dogs really just do not understand that their precious little darlings are not so cute to everyone else. Especially when they are acting like little devil's.
    I have a feefee foofoo dog to but...She has been properly trained and would never behave that way. Besides I am always so worried when I do take her to public places and there are big dogs unleashed. Ughhhhhh!! Some people! Congratulations on having a well trained Bully.
  3. Coconut

    Coconut New Member

    Poodles, believe it or not, can be aggressive. If they are too pampered they learn no rules. I would let this brush off your shoulders and if anything like that happens, let them know you won't accept that with your dog. Just give em wht people always give pits.

    Hakuna Matata
  4. bullylove1

    bullylove1 New Member

    I would definately agree poodles are agressive. I have never met a nice one.
  5. StormyWinter

    StormyWinter New Member

    Poodles, the only dog I would NEVER own!
    At least your baby doesn't make a fool outta you like her dog did. I would be embarresed to have a dog like that.
  6. Freedom

    Freedom New Member

    Now now we can't act like people act towards our dogs. We can't be biased against certain breeds of dogs, it's not their fault their owners never trained them or disciplined them. The reason why majority of small dogs have aggression issues is becuase the owners think it's so cute when little feefee trys to act like a big and bad dog that they don't see that cute little feefee is actually being serious. My aunt had a toy poodle that she let act this way, her name was LuLu and she would bite you as soon as look at you. My aunt never did anything because she was little and she thought it was "cute". It's a shame that owners let their dogs act this way. I personally think your dog, just like a child, is a reflection of their owner.
  7. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    you would think they would half a$$ train their little dogs not to do that. They should know that agressive behavior in one dog usually sparks it in another! I would be scared my little dog would tick off the wrong dog, or pick a fight with the wrong one!!! Idiots.
  8. bullylove1

    bullylove1 New Member

    Freedom: I agree with you. Dogs, like children are products of the parents/owners. It is awful that small breed owners feel their dog needs less training, yet in some places a dog over a certain weight may need a muzzle to be in public.

    But, I stick to my opinion about the Poodles. This is just MO and with all the Poodles I have personally met. I am sure there are tons of good ones out there, i have just yet to see one.

    I actually have a tiny fear of small dogs. Not something I get extremely uncomfortable with, but just prefer the company of bigger dogs. You can at least see 'em when they ar egoing for you ankles. :D
  9. That woman was nuts! if you hadn't had such a well behaved dog, her dog could have been meal time in a minute flat....There's nothing cute about an uncontrolled dog no matter the size of it. I have two small dogs, a shi tzu and a mini dachshund, I love them both dearly. But I absolutely love large breeds! Wish I could have one :( that's another story though...


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