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Hamster help. sorry its LOng

Discussion in 'All other pets' started by HappyHampstR, May 31, 2006.

  1. HappyHampstR

    HappyHampstR New Member

    :D hey people :D

    i have looked back over a few pages but couldnt find any post related,

    right, ive owned my hamster for around 2-3months now, he did share a rather large cage with a sibling i bought him with, untill they had a lil scrap, then we sperated them,

    my friend was round one night and i was on xbox and he always gets confused between the 2 hampsters i own and put the one he was handling into a cage with the other one finking it was the cage i got the hamhster out of, they begain fighting and i broke it up, and seperated them, there was no noticeble cuts ect, apat from a chunk out one of the hampsters ears. how ever this hampster ( stryda ) doesnt seem to be botherd by this, its the other hampster ( liam ) im worried about because

    the next day when i cleaned out the cage i noticed his tail wasnt the pinky colour it was usually,more like a purple and had a scratch/gash on it, it was about 5pm by this time so no one i could take him to see, and by7pm it was deep purple, and now its pretty much a black and feels very dry ( not wet tail as ive heard is common) and feels like alot thiner??

    ive no experience with hampsters so i thought it would be best to tell you guys eeeeevvvvvuuurrryyy thing as i have done, so if you have read thank you very very much it means alot to me,

    Thanks HappyHuElse
  2. HappyHampstR

    HappyHampstR New Member

    is it going to fall off!!!!
  3. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    I would say you hamster needs to see a vet right away, once hamsters get sick they tend to deteriorate very quickly. The blackness of the tail could be cause by an infection from a bite or scratch that you did not notice.

    If your hamster is a Syrian (Teddy Bear) they should never be kept in the same cage with one another as Syrians are very aggressive towards their own species. Even males and females will fight when not mating. Young Syrains (like the ones in pet stores) can be kept together for a little while but once they mature they will fight.
  4. HappyHampstR

    HappyHampstR New Member

    cheers he will be seeing one tomorrow, his also scratching alot, :?
  5. Zeppy`s mom

    Zeppy`s mom New Member

    good luck with getting him better!

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