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Havent posted here in awhile

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by HDrydr, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. HDrydr

    HDrydr New Member

    Hey everyone!!! hope all are doing well...

    So we are a month away from closing on our house so we are living in a 5th wheel with 3 cats, 1 Boxer/lab, 2 fish and well 2 adults....

    Got interesting last night!! We have been in this campground that is pretty nice for the most part nice and quite and small. The down side is some of the year rounds are well.....drunk most of the time.

    Last night they were out playing horseshoes and the lady had her pitty with her on a leash but the gal could hardly stand up.....

    My honey took Buster out to do his business and I was inside getting his food ready when I heard it!!!! A dog fight and it was close!!! I went outside to see her pit biting the underside of my Buster's neck!!! My honey had the pitty up in the air so she had no leverage on him Buster's front feet were now off the ground too... But she broke her grip and I called for Buster he came right to me!! That pit made a bee line right to him!!! From what my honey said that they called to her but she didn't stop...he tried to fend her off long enough but then my guy Buster thought she was attacking him so he moved in front of him...

    Any of you that have seen pictures of Buster he's not excatly small 85# pure muscle!!

    The owners of the pitty were there but couldn't do anything to stop their dog!! My honey handed her over to them and said if that ever happens to my dog again it isn't going to be pretty!! They were soo drunk!!!

    I checked Buster out from head to toe and he is fine no puncture marks no scratches thank goodness!!! He was just visibly stressed and amped.

    The drunk lady came over just a few min later and apologized and asked if he was ok and if we wanted to come play horseshoes!!!! ?????? REALLY?????

    I love all breeds Pits are one of my fav's I just wished irresponsible owners couldn't have a breed like that!!
  2. HDrydr

    HDrydr New Member

    Owner of the campground came over just now and asked about last night's dog issue... I told him what happened and that my honey was out with him and she came after him....
    He said they've been warned and also said most campgrounds won't even allow Pit Bulls or Rotties on site...
    Well at least he knows what happened and also agreed when I said she was drunk as a skunk and he said they always are.. sigh....

    Good news is other than his neck a little swollen and he's a little extra clingy/protective he's all good.

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