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HELP ~barking barking puppy!! Any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by tobyshome, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. tobyshome

    tobyshome New Member

    Hello all...I would be so thrilled to hear any help for a puppy who won't stop barking....he is fine unless he sees someone and we aren't playing with him. He is 14 weeks now....a shih-poo.
    We would be SO glad for any suggestions!!
    thanks so much!!
    Toby's mommy:)
  2. cool254

    cool254 New Member

    Ignore your dog's barking for as long as it takes him to stop. That means don't give him any attention at all while he's barking. Your attention only rewards him for being noisy. Don't talk to him, don't touch him, and don't even look at him. When he finally quiets, even to take a breath, reward him with a treat.

    To be successful with this method, you must wait as long as it takes for him to stop barking. If he barks for an hour and you finally get so frustrated that you yell at him to be quiet, the next time he'll probably bark for an hour and a half. He learns that if he just barks long enough you'll give him attention.

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