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Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by winnie, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. winnie

    winnie New Member

    I have flea problem, first noticed a couple fleas on one of my dogs 3 weeks ago, so I put Frontline on the dogs and cats, then gave them baths 3 days later, didnt notice them again until last weekend I went into the cat room and it was infested!! Hundreds of fleas! I freaked out and bought a fogger and fogged that room, I also bought a spray and sprayed the floors in the laundry room which is right next to the cat room, also sprayed my couches. My vet had me put my cat on Program as well as the Frontline since he is indoor/outdoor, and I had a professional come yesterday to spray the whole house just incase even though I have only noticed fleas in the cat room and laundry room. I gave all the dogs baths while the guy did his thing and sprayed. I havnt seen fleas on the dogs since the first time 3 weeks ago but they still seem so itchy! Constantly scratching. I was hoping giving them baths again would help, but it hasnt. One dog is so itchy she is missing patches of fur on her tail. What can I do? And I was also thinking of putting the dogs on Program too as well as the Frontline just incase.

    I've never had a flea problem before, its driving me crazy and driving my poor dogs crazy. I feel so bad watching them scratch, they must be uncomfortable. They don't have access to the rooms that were infested.

    Anything you guys can recommend to help with the poor dogs scratching?
  2. paulinesta7

    paulinesta7 New Member

    I have flea problem, first

    Are you sure it's not some kind allergy which still makes them itch? Sometimes they have allergic reactions to anti- flea products/shampoos/even dog biscuits (as I found out from my dog's vet yesterday!!)
  3. winnie

    winnie New Member

    I'm not sure it is an allergy, but what I think it is now is that I have a salt water pool and I cant keep the dogs out of the water, sometimes I forget to hose them off, I wonder if its that, I need to make sure I hose them off everytime.

    I did get my one dog a cortison inj, she seems much happier :)
  4. paulinesta7

    paulinesta7 New Member

    Salt water definitely makes them feel super scratchy. Hope they get better!
  5. suofeiya

    suofeiya New Member

    Re: Help I FLEAS !

    I feel so bad watching them scratch, they must be uncomfortable.....

    love me little,love me long!!

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