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help is my parakeet pregnant?

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by misifu, May 20, 2004.

  1. misifu

    misifu New Member

    can someone please help me i have 4 parakeets i've had them for about 5months now.one of my parakeets used to be very quiet ,calm and never used to bite but for the past few weeks she's been biting ,does'nt want to be touched and her chest looks swollen and feels hard to the touch.can someone please tell what they think is wrong with my bird im worried and concerned.any feedback would be greatly appreciated thank you!,lora :)
  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi birds are not pregnant they lay eggs and if she was due to lay eggs it would be under her tail where there would be a little lump.

    If her crop (chest) is swollen and hard i would have her checked over by an avian vet as this sounds like signs of a crop infection.

    What are you feeding the birds is she the only one with this problem.
    Other signs of illness are birds that sit with fluffed up feathers when the temp in the room is not cold, Birds that are very quiet if otherwise noisey and playful.
    Also birds that are usually very tame and all of a sudden turn agressive is also a sign something is wrong.
    Give an avian vet a call and see what they suggest.

  3. misifu

    misifu New Member

    hello thanx for your response.i have 3 other parakeets,and they seem very playful.my parakeet jessica also is playing and chirping,but my only concern was that she doe'snt want to be touched by me or the family.and that she looks swollen to me.the food that im feeding them is called "fiesta'for parakeets,along with honey treats,or tropical treats that i put in their cages twice a week.regular bird food every 2 days.i change there water bowls twice daily and always make sure they're water is fresh and clean at all times.but i will Give an avian vet a call and see what they suggest. thank you! :)

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