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Help! Really worried about my cat since getting kitten

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by Louisetaylor84, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Louisetaylor84

    Louisetaylor84 New Member

    Help! I have 2 one year old cats who we've had since 8 weeks, they are brother and sister (both neutered) and get on really well. They were both really affectionate and happy up until recently, the girl is fine but Luca my boy seems miserable since getting a new kitten. He's a different cat and it's so upsetting! He was my baby!

    We've had the rescue kitten (10 weeks) now for 2 weeks, the kitten has the lounge and the 2 cats have the rest of the house but we leave the door open occasionally when we are there. It seems the boy is afraid of the kitten though and runs away hissing and growling... They both get loads of cuddles, treats and affection but I want my loving boy back!

    He's withdrawn, doesn't want to be picked up (growls immediately) hisses at me and bites (he's never done that before!) just seems generally unhappy. They have met each other in passing but he's not interested, will he ever get happy again? I dont want him to leave home! We are going to keep them all separated with supervised contact occasionally until the kitten is old enough and neutered but I don't want my boy to be unhappy and a different cat! The 2 older cats are my babies and the kitten is my brothers, what to do?! Anyone experienced the same thing? Grumpy Luc's!
  2. ThomasL

    ThomasL New Member

    Hi there. I think I know what you're going through. About three years ago, when my boy was just about two, I brought a rescued kitten into the house. The kitten, I believe, was about three months old. Anyhow, that's how it was with my older cat...he was affectionate, loved to be loved, never hissed or growled at me ever. But once the new kitten came in (and they were forced into a close proximity of each other), the older cat became like your boy now. He rarely let me touch, and anytime I came near him to pick him up or what have you, he hissed and ran away. This went on for about three to four weeks or so. Basically, your cat is just mad that you brought another one in. In my experience, cats are generally possessive of their surroundings and "people." I was upset over this, and was considering giving the little guy to a new family, but decided to wait it out. That's my advice to you. Here we are three years later, and my boys play with each other, wrestle together, wash each other, sleep with each other. It's like they've been together forever. Anyhow, good luck with your situation...and ever though cats tend to be very temperamental, they're resilient. Just keep loving all three of them and treating them the same, and your boy will eventually forget why he was mad in the first place. :)
  3. Pam Silas

    Pam Silas New Member

    As they both are living together and they not experienced any other with them, that's why he is treating like this. It is possible that he treat normal after some time as time passed and they can become friends.

    If you fave problem for such a long time then it is good to remove the younger kitten from them and care him at another place or you can give this responsibility of caring him to someone else.

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