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Hi everyone, I'm new here!

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by love for ba brody, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. love for ba brody

    love for ba brody New Member

    I just wanted to introduce myself, and my little boy, Brody.
    Brody is my first APBT/mix. He is the result of very irresponsibe teens, one whom I know personally (he offered me and puppy, how could I refuse!). Even mixes need love!
    Well, I'm so incredibly happy I meet him, because he is simply the sweetest dog AND he has such a great sense of humor. Brody has made me fall in love with the APBT.

    I have one quick question for all you knowledgable guys and gals. My little boy is 14 weeksold and weights 22lbs. I was wondering if anyone had an estimate as to how big of a dog he might end up being (in good shape, obviously - not obese or skinny). His mother, weighs about 40lbs, and his father weighs about 75lb.

    Thanks All!!
  2. jay

    jay New Member

    If I were to take a guess..

    I would say about 65-75 pounds. It also depends on what he is mixed with, but in my experience, the males usually take after the father.

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