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Hi! I'm new with budgie breeding...looking for help! :)

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by zarate, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. zarate

    zarate New Member

    Hi everyone! I've been readin this site, and it's wonderful! Ok...I just got my female parakeet 2 days ago, and she's doing great with my male..who I've had for 9 months now. My male was very lonely, and I could tell as soon as he saw her that he was happy. So....what is it that I need to do to make them want to mate? And if you have the time, could you explain it all to me in a detailed message? I really want these 2 to be as healthy and happy as can be, ANY info would be very helpful and much appreciated. Thanks everyone!!! :eek:
  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    HI congratulations on your new bird.....

    First its always best to leave the birds till they have been together for about 3months this gives them time to bond attempting to breed 2 birds that havent bonded is asking for trouble when the chicks hatch as the female will attack the male and even kill her babies.

    They both need to be over 12months old before allowing them to mate.
    The need cuttlefishbone for extra calcium as egg laying takes alot out of the hen (female ) Mineral blocks and vitamin blocks.

    They also need a good bird seed plus fresh fruit and vegtables.
    They also need be introduce to soft foods such as boiled pasta and rice, Wholewheat bread Boiled eggs mashed up with the shell or you can buy a bird rearing food which is designed to hand rear chicks and for weaning this is also good to feed them you can get it from any good petstore over here in the uk its called, Cede egg food.

    ONce they are ready to breed and this is upto the female when they do her Cere ( skin part above the beak ) Will turn a very dark brown until this time she will not allow him to mate with her and hens have been known to attack a male that becomes to pushy.

    ONce her Cere starts going dark brown you will need to introduce a nest box again you can buy one from any good petstore make sure it is designed and the correct size for budgies ( parakeets).

    Inside the nest box there should be like a platform with one side having a large concave in it this is where the fen will lay her eggs so they dont roll about.

    The nest should be lined with about an inch of plain wood shavings you will find that they may throw this out of the nest this is because they are not nest builders like most other birds.

    Mating will go on for a few weeks and if she lays eggs as some hens never do she will lay usually 1-3weeks after mating some hens lay sooner some later.
    She will lay an egg every other day with the average clutch size being 4-6 has been know for more some have less so dont worry if she only has 1-2 eggs.

    Providing both parents are fertile then hopefully you will end up with fertile eggs which should start hatching 19days after being laid the hen will become very agressive and protective of her nest and eggs so its best not too disturb her too much.

    If all goes well you should have healthy little chicks but please be FORWARNED they have been know to kill there babies if upset or the chicks have been handled to much also chicks can die while trying to hatch from the eggs some just start to form and then die in the shell.

    Also you then have the risk to the hen can you tell if you is egg bound ( egg stuck in oviduct ) if this is not spotted and dealt with by an avian vet ASAP she will die as the egg becomes toxic and posions her.

    Good luck and if you have anymore questions please feel free to ask .

  3. zarate

    zarate New Member

    Budgie breeding info, thanks!

    Hi mike,
    Thanks for the quick and detailed reply. I've been reading up on breeding budgies for quite a few months now, but don't want to attempt until I feel confident I know the procedure and needs for my birds. It's hard to find exactly what I wanted to know from most websites I've visited, but this site/forum has been by far the best sorce of information I've come across. :y_the_best: I notice the hens cere is a rather dark brown now, it was like that when I got her....but it's too soon for her to breed as I've only had her a few days. Also I hope she's not ready yet cuz I want to get them both used to soft foods, cuz right now they have only been raised on seeds, I'm slowly trying to introduce fresh fruits and veggies to them. Also are pellets a good source of nutrition for budgies? I've got some that I offer but they don't eat them. I've heard they are good, I've also heard they are bad. What is your opinion? Thanks again! -Mandi
  4. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi i am glad you been doing alot of research as thats the key to succesful breeding of birds.

    I tried feeding my birds pellets but they never touched them so i stop giving them to the birds.

    Mine get a mixed seed aswell as fresh fruit and vegtables daily cuttlefish bone and mineral blocks are available at all times.
    There water is changed twice a day and seed husks remove twice aday.

    Good luck with your birds and again if you need any help or advice we are here to help.

  5. zarate

    zarate New Member

    Budgie nest box size?

    Hi...ok, I think I am quite confident about breeding budgies, thanks to your info Mike. But I was wondering....what size nest box would be ideal? My dad would be the one making it, so he can customize it for my budgies! :D Also...would it be possible to make a box, and leave out the bottom, and make sort of like a false bottom out of some sort of material I could shape into a concave bottom, and line it with some sort of material I could easily disinfect...then on top of that when they are ready to nest put the pine shavings? I was thinking of putting a square piece of styrafoam wrapped in some sort of rubberized material or a disposable plastic of sort then the shavings, and using that as the bottom. I'd feel better with using something other than wood, so I can disinfect it after it's been used. Thanks! -Mandi
  6. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi a wooden nest box can be washed down with disinfectant you can make them out of hard cardboard then once they have been used they can be thrown away.

    The nest boxes do not need cleaning until all the chicks have hatched and are atleast a couple of days old.
    So from the moment you put the nest in it wont need cleaning.

    Plastic,foam,and rubber are all dangerous to birds as when they are breeding they chew everything up so you can imagen what would go wrong if they ate them.

    I line my nest boxes just with the plain wood shavings it absorbs most of the mess made by the chicks so not much cleaning is needed.

    The nest box should be 8" high by 8" long by 6" wide. There should be a 2" diameter hole in the front.
    Inside a slightly thicker piece should be put in with a concave made at one side this needs to go to the back of the nest so it is not near the entrance hole.

    You will also need a entrace part for you to clean out the nest and to make sure all babies are doing well you can either put hindges on the top so the lid becomes like a door or you can make grooves in the wood where the back side panel should be and then put a small peice of glass which is higher then the nest so that she or the babys wont hurt themselves and then a piece of wood the same size in another groove this keeps the light out and keeps the female quiet yet gives you ease to look without the hen escaping.

    Good luck
  7. zarate

    zarate New Member

    budgie breeding

    Hi again. My dad has agreed to make me a nest box when it's time. How exactly to you make the bottom concave? The nest box at the pet store didn't have a concave bottom either. Another question about the birds, do they act differently when they are ready to mate? are they more active, less active? More vocal, less vocal? Also, what would be some good foods for these guys? They don't eat any treats that I put in there, such as fresh fruits or veggies. Any suggestions to something they will eat? Thanks again! :wink:
  8. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi when they are ready to mate the male will become alot more vocal and he will display alot of acrobatics trying to get the females attention.

    If the female does not think he is acceptable enough to be her mate she will not allow him to breed with her.

    To make a concave in the wood take a piece of wood about 1inch thick and chip out a dip in it but dont go all the way down then once that is done smooth off with sandpaper so there is no sharp edges that the bird or chicks dont cut or hurt themselves.

    I just keep putting a piece of carrot and cucumber through the cage bars and they do start to take interest in it.

  9. zarate

    zarate New Member

    More budgie questions

    Hi again....I've got more questions if you don't mind. My male budgies has always been very vocal and acrobatic, since I've had him and way before I got the female. Was he maybe calling a mate when he was so vocal? And what about the female...does she get real active too. She is always running around on the bottom of her cage, like she's pacing real fast. A lot of the times they will follow each other around the cage. He acts like he's feeding her also. I've seen this done a few times. When it happens, it looks like she's begging him to feed her, then he will go ahead and do it. Also I will hear them chattering together, then all the sudden he will scream/screetch like he's mad, and he doesn't hurt her, it seems he's just feeding her, but real aggresively. Is that normal? Is he getting mad or irritated at her? It sort of seems like she wants to mate, but he isn't too sure and he'd rather not. Also when I let them out of their cage for excersize, the male will come over to me and visit (the female is not tame at all, but my male is) and seems to forget about the female even tho she's yelling at him to go back near her. Also sometimes he will be up in the top of the cage preening himself, and she is the one running all around the cage climbing on everything. Is it possible my female is a male even tho her cere is obviously brown? Sorry for all the questions...I just can't find it *anywhere* on the internet. That's why I'm so glad someone created this forum! :mrgreen: Thank you!!! -Mandi Jo
  10. zarate

    zarate New Member

    oops, I accidentally posted twice. Sorry everyone.

  11. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi its ok about asking questions thats what i am here for.

    Females usually become quiet but can get very vocal when in breeding mode and since her cere is dark brown you can safely say this is a female.

    The male feeding the female is a normal behaviour for a pair that are bonding together.
    He will do this alot more if she ever has a clutch of chicks.
    Being chatty is also normal behaviour with pairs and he will get annoyed when he is wanting to mate if she will not allow him too dont worry he will not hurt her as the female is the more agressive of the pair.

    When she is wanting to mate you will notice she spends her time next to the male with her back lowered and you will see him kicking her then he will mate.
    The best place to have a breeding pair is in a room they wont be bothered all the only time i bother my birds when they are breeding is to clean the cage and to put fresh water and food in for them.

    I keep the room at the same temprature which it should be warm but not hot just warm enough so there is no chill in the room.

    It is normal for a bird that was on its own and always with its owner to love being with the owner when they are out of there cage so i would not worry about this.

    You can also try if its possible putting them in seperate cages for a couple of days then place him back in with her and see if she will accept him then.

    Aslong as they are both healthy and happy you have nothing to worry about.


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