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hi please held r u a know it all?.........then HELP!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by ghd13 loves shetlands, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. :eek: im going to ask mum for a pony can u tell me how much money u spend and on what :lol:

    :p i am planning on giving up my ridding lessons and my pocket money :lol:

    which is about 72 pounds a month :oops:
  2. CockatielCrazy87

    CockatielCrazy87 New Member

    Ok heres the thing I Shetland pony can cost a range of different prices depending on its breeding, if it has been shown and how well the pony did in the show, young or old, trained or not, sickly or healthy, and if the pony is abandoned and up for adoption. Like Skittles for instance even though she was a rescue we paid for her considering her owners probems. We paid $200 for her considering she is any older Pony, was only used for lessons, had unimpressive bloodlines, and was no show champion no one else would buy her. But for you here are some price ranges for Shetland ponies I have looked up
    0.00 this is if you are adopting a pony

    Now this is the cost of your pony alone. Consider feed, Tack,vet, and farrier bills also. These prices also vary depending on the feed brand, Tack, the vet, and the farrier.

    good luck
  3. Berriano

    Berriano New Member

    spend some time browsing sites like http://www.equine.com or http://www.dreamhorse.com and others...i'm sure there's more that are more centered to UK....but just do a search for what you're going to be looking for. you'll get a general idea that way. but like CockatielCrazy said, thats just the pony. browse around your local tack store for the avg cost of feed and equipment, and check local boarding facilities for cost of board...get a few diff. vets and farriers to compare...etc

    good luck!
  4. OTTB lvr

    OTTB lvr New Member

    ::agrees with Berriano::

    I'm always playing around on hossie sale sites...weather I'm planning on buying, selling, or neither! I never buy without thoroughly browsing the market, and I always check on my competition for specifics on horses I'm planning on selling. And it's always fun to see what's out there that I can't buy...especially on http://www.elitehunterjumper.com because I'll never be able to afford any of those hossies!
  5. horse_child

    horse_child New Member

    I'm not sure how much pounds equals in dollars? :oops:
    Neways, i'll give oyu an insight. if this is your 1st horse, remember the horse is the cheapest part. ALWAYS! With that said you need to consider vet bills, what is he/she gets sick? what if he/she gets hurt? do oyu have a way of getting he/she (from here on out will be known as a he for my sanity :roll: )
    to the vet? feed, grooming supplies, tack, depending on if he is young or older, if he is young chances of him outgrowing his tack is about 99.9%. so that will mean more tack, and possibly upset parents (trust me been there, done that and about to do it again) farrier, board, and most of all riding time. do you have the time to ride and keep him in shape? are your parents up to the time spent getting you to ride? i personally love horses and i love riding my horse, he is the best thing that ever happened to me. but he is very expensive and sometimes a pain in he arse to ride cause he's young and hot. good luck!!!!
  6. Smokey04

    Smokey04 New Member

    Well, we still aren't exactly sure if our pony is a Shetland or not (My SIL was just over today who knows horses and is pretty sure she is at least part Shetland) That said, we just got him about a month ago for $200. Horses and ponies are way down around here right now. They sell cheap right before the cold weather hits. We got most of our tack at an auction too. We got a beautiful western saddle for him for only $25 bucks.
  7. emmanqueenie

    emmanqueenie New Member

    hope this helps you

    hi im am from the uk and here are some of the prices

    horse-around £1200 (can come including tack and rugs)depending on size,age and ability
    stable and bedding-around £40 a week
    grass livery(where they live in a field- around £20
    rugs,bridle,headcollar etc-around £200

    then there is extras such as vet bills,farrier, dentist etc so a horse is not cheap but has made my life. A shetland on the other hand can cost around £200 without the need for shoes and saddles etc

    happy horse hunting emma :y_the_best:

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