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How about this Pedigree?

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by Sara, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. Sara

    Sara New Member

  2. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    She's kind of cute. I've never really cared much for the Lonzo blood. Too beefy and bulky for me. But I have always thought Handsome Jr was bred pretty nice and like most of what comes off Tee & Cees yard. IMO Kershner's has some nice blood, but I don't really like how they think they have the best dogs out there and Mayfield is the only pure Pit out there they think. No doubt their dogs have very nice pedigrees, I do like them very much, but when you talk to the dude he sounds a bit off. I know someone who got a dog from their yard that they are liking so far.

    So they are the ones breeding those "rare parinahs" that are actually just small APBTs. If you have ever read their statements it is almost scarey that they sell these tiny protection dogs to anybody who wants one.
  3. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Interesting. When I look at even just those pedigree pages it's obvious the breeders are full of themselves... I haven't looked at them much... Is there old blood backing this stuff up??? I haven't read or heard anything about the dogs in the peds. listed in anything that talks about the older blood or breeders out there. That's why I was curious. Who does this stuff go back to, way back...

  4. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Feel free to answer away but I checked back again and see where I can look way back there. I see some names WAY back that I do recognize but nothing I've ever taken notice of...Tudor stuff and Dibo I suppose...

    I see where you like Handsome Jr. too even just based on some of his ped. He's cute though...nice looking.

    Now I'm having fun...LOL...

  5. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    I only briefly looked over the pedigrees, we were on our way out, but I took another glance.

    Lonzo Pratt is a pretty well known dogger. He has been in dogs for a few decades. Once you learn more about pedigrees, dogs and bloodlines you will more easily recognized well known dogs.

    Lonzo's foundation male to start with was a dog called Andy who was bred to Angie and Fay. As you said you looked back in the pedigree and it like most other dogs goes back to Tudor, Heinzl, Old Family Red Nose and Colby dogs, old stuff, but thats what most any dog goes back to.

    I looked at Grunt's 4 generation and the main dog that sticks out here is Lonzo's Trip Little Elvis 2xw, he is one of the most popular Lonzo dogs seen today. The most noted dog of Lonzo's breeding would probably be GR CH Zebo ROM, I don't know if you have heard of him he is pretty well known, as well as his brother Vindicator 2xw. Another dog you see a lot along with Zebo and Vindi is Mike 2xw.

    If you get a chance to study up on River's pedigree you will see Val has a very minute amount of this blood. In the 5th she has a female called Lancaster's Sugar who is a son of Snake 2xw and Brandy (which makes her a littermate to King Elvis I POR).

    Looking at Dirty's top there is a lot of Bolio-Tombstone (which I like and have some of this blood), Val also has a pinch that amounts to nothing in her pedigree too if you look at Hollingsworth's Velvet 1xw, she is Patrick's strain of Bolio-Tombstone, again very small amount but I try to study my peds thouroghly.
    Back to Dirty's pedigree she also has Boyles strain of Bolio/Eli/Tombstone stuff. Then Handsome Jr comes in looking at the pedigree is a very nice bred RedBoy dog, I'm familiar with the dog beforehand and Tee & Cee kennels has some dogs that do very well in the show ring. I really like the Deacon blood and if you notice also Val has Deacon in the 3rd. Licon I had seen the name before in a few pedigrees but never knew anything about it and still don't I can look back as well as you can and see it does go back to some pretty nice old stuff Bullet, E.Crenshaw and Trahan's Rascal are all old stuff. There is also some Lonzo blood I see in this too.

    Redd Rage seems kind of scatterbred, I'm looking through the pedigree. I've never really heard of these dogs, doesnt make them bad dogs at all though. I see very few dogs names I recognize and some recognizable bloodlines behind them but not really much linebreeding to speak of. Obviously the Chinaman blood, more Zebo blood, I saw Blue Bully somewhere in the pedigree and a Tacoma dog which is more staff, there is a bit of linebreeding but nothing really established.

    I've seen some nice Zebo dogs that were weight pullers, but generally they are not show quality. Some are ok looking just bulky and not so agile, maybe would heat up quicker I'd assume? Others are pretty ugly with real bad structures so i suppose it'd be who you get them from that would matter.
  6. Sara

    Sara New Member

    I see what you're saying... Hmmm... I don't have enough dogs to look at the different peds on I think... I seem to figure pedigree stuff best when I can take a dog and then look back at what makes it up. I've done that with most all of yours already...LOL... Anyone else to look at???


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