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How did YOU find this site and WHY?

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by susan_cude@hotmail.com, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. I'm just curious how you all came across this site in the first place. (if you don't mind, that is)

    Most of you know I found this site when my Casey girl got pregnant by the neighbors dog who snuck into my backyard....Remember what a basket case I was?? :shock: But thanks to all of you! I made it through...Whew! So glad that's over :?

    What about you?

  2. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    i cant remember? i stumbled on here somehow :p
  3. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    How? I searched Yahoo! for puppy biting behavior and this site came up.

    Why? I was worried I had bought Cujo but was glad to find out he is just a normal puppy.
  4. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    I have foud this recently

    so I can remember! My dog has been driving me crazy lately and I thought I would search online, and found you guys!
  5. puggleowner

    puggleowner New Member

    I remember being extrememly frustrated with Cameron after we moved to our house because she totally regressed in her housebreaking. So I typed something about housebreaking problems into Google and a post from this sight came up! So glad I found it :D
  6. halaroo

    halaroo New Member

    My cat got sick in January and I had to give her antiboitics. She was becoming very good at not swallowing th pills! I did a search "giving cat pills" and found this site. I've been enjoying my stay here ever since!
  7. Rene

    Rene New Member

    I did a search on google how to stud my Yorkie and this site came up and i started reading all the wonderful advice so i bookmarked it and here we are. Its been great to me all of you are wonderful

    thanks :eek:
  8. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    my son gave me a Beta fish for my birthday (oh joy something else for me to care for and clean)....I never had fish so I did a search and came up with this board for fish - then came in to check out the dog/cat boards
  9. dogangel

    dogangel New Member

    :p We were in the process of adopting our sixth baby - a six month old German Shepherd who weight 30 pounds (when he was found he only weight 20.) And I was really worried about what to feed him so he can put on some weight quickly and nicely, and I was also worried about how he would be able to handle my other babies who are anything but malnourished. I searched on Google, and this forum was one of the sites found. It is the best thing that happened as far as advice on anything dogs related goes. Everybody here is so wonderful and good about helping with anything they know.
    (And by the way, Willy is now 14 months old and weighs in @ 110 pounds!!!)
  10. 4Dogsihave

    4Dogsihave New Member

    I did a search for pomeranians, and came up with this site. I have loved it with all the great advice on here! My first night on I spent hours reading old post.
  11. bullylove1

    bullylove1 New Member

    I was doing a search for something on Pit Bulls. I needed some med. advice, and stumbled across this site. Then after a while I joined this forum aswell. I love both index's because there is so much info. on both that applies to me and Harley.
  12. catrastrophe

    catrastrophe New Member

    I was searching for breeding info to give a lady. I wanted to scare her off of breeding! We dont sell pups with full rights, quality or not, to inexperienced breeders. Well, this lady had said, let me research the topic and see if I can convince you to sell me one by the time they are born. I pointed her to a few of the sites I found...and now she is going to be buying a pet puppy, and has agreed to early spay/neuter before it leaves!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  13. nern

    nern New Member

    If I remember correctly, I was doing a search for pet forums and this is one of the forums that came up.
  14. Jody

    Jody New Member

    I was doing a google search on Dog Pregnancy's and this site came up. :y_the_best: :-k

  15. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    My Aunt was having a problem with one of her cats last year and I had no good advice for her that she had not already tried. I found this site, posted a help topic and here I am still!

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