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How do I get my new Parakeets to Trust me?

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by Ashly0507, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Ashly0507

    Ashly0507 New Member

    I have had my two parakeets for about 2.5 weeks. They seem to be well adjusted, chirping away and are all over the place. I would like to let them out to have a little "free" time, but they still run from me and i am afraid i wont be able to get them back in their cage without grabbing them which i know is a big no no. Is it still to early?
  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    It is still a little early on for them to trust you fully.
    Find out what there favourite treat is and also try and get hold of a clicker used to train dogs....

    You need to use the clicker at the exact time the bird does what you ask, Start little like calling them to the front of the cage speak slowly and gently when they come to the front click and reward witha treat...

    The other option is by placing your hand inside the cage away from the bird and hold it there for a few minutes then slowly move towards them, stop and hold, then after a few minutes try getting a little closer...

    Keep doing this until you can gently rub there chest without them flying off.
    Once this is achieved you can go onto step up which will learn the bird to step onto your hand...


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