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how to tell from female budgie

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by plumbie03, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. plumbie03

    plumbie03 New Member

    i have two parakeets one has a pinkish white cere, and the other has a light blue.also i want to know if i have a female and male because i want to breed and have babies and how to tell the age of my budgies.lastley to mention my one has been getting on my other birds back and/or trying to. :-#
  2. lilest Budgie

    lilest Budgie New Member


    The budgie with the pinkish/white cere is a female and the one with the blue cere is a male. If your birds have bars on their forehead that means they are younger, if the spot above their beak is all solid, means they are adult. When one gets on the back of another does mean they are trying to breed.
  3. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi depending on the colour and age of your birds its hard to say young male budgies resemble the female until the first molt so if the one with the pinkish white cere is 6months or younger she will not have gone through her molt so could be male.

    Also it depends on the colour of the bird i had a lilac and white coloured budgie and his cere was pinkish white and he was 2years old and i know he was a male as he was ther father to 12 babies.

    Do you have a picture of your birds sexing with a picture is much easier.
    I can say though you definatley have a male because of his blue cere.

    Never assume because the cere is pinkish or purple white that this is a female as the chances are its wrong.

  4. plumbie03

    plumbie03 New Member

    also,at the very top of the pinkish white cere started out like a scab res then turned to crusty brown like when they get ready to breed and they both have molted at least once or twice so please reply as soon as possibe.
  5. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    If the cere has started to go a crusty dark brown then you have a female that is getting ready to breed and the chances are she will since there is a male in the cage with her.

    A molt can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months some birds are just in a constant molt.

    If you plan on breeding make sure there is plenty of cuttlefish bone and mineral block in the cage and she has other foods such as fruit and vegtables.

    So sounds to me you have a male and female.

  6. plumbie03

    plumbie03 New Member

    also do they chew thhrew home made cardboared boxes and can i get a nest that is 3 and a half by 4 inch because i want to breed as soon as possible and how long does it take for the cere to turn crusty brown.

    lastley,how do you breed budgies after you know all the info,and this is the first time my female has taking a liking so quickly with a male and i got this book and it says a parakeet has only one true mate could my male be the one!
  7. plumbie03

    plumbie03 New Member

    i will get pictures as soon as possible :p
  8. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Sorry but this is getting really weird why are you so eager to breed these birds when your in school this is not something you should do just because you want little chicks it dont always work like that.
    Again from the other post i sent you answer these questions before you will be given anymore advice as i dont think you know what your doing or talking about and this can seriously harm your birds.

    Answer the following questions and lets see if you do know what your getting yourself into..

    What do you feed them?
    Do they have extra calcium and minerals?
    Has the cere turned brown and crusty.
    Do you know how long it takes for the female to be ready for breeding?
    How long after her cere changing colour when will she mate?
    How long after mating will she lay her first egg?
    Do they Have a nest box?
    Are this type of bird nesters?
    How many eggs can you expect in a clutch?
    Do you know the incubation period?
    How many days after each egg will the hen lay another on?
    How old should the birds be before they allowed to have babies?
    How do you know if the chicks are not getting enough food?
    Could you tell if chicks got sour crop?
    Do you know what sour crop is?
    Do you know how to hand feed chicks if parents abandon them?
    Do you know how often the chicks should be fed if abandoned?
    Do you know what to feed the chicks if they get abandoned?
    Do you know the correct temprature of the food for hand feeding chicks?
    How will you keep chicks warm if parents abandon them?
    How old will the chicks be before they can be removed from the cage?
    Does the male bird need to be taken out of the cage when the eggs hatch?

    Just a couple of things everyone thinking of breeding should know.

  9. plumbie03

    plumbie03 New Member

    first of all i took my birds to show and tell they are back at my house and second of im not a bird abuser so im not going to expect my birds to breed.
  10. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    First i didnt say you were a bird abuser i am just trying to tell you that unless conditions and the hen are right she will not mate and not lay any eggs.

    second i am here to educate people on all types of animals i do breed birds and dogs and have done for many years i have seen things that can and probably will go wrong and i try to get this across as i would not want a beginner to things like this having the heartache of losing a loved pet.

  11. plumbie03

    plumbie03 New Member

    hi im very sorry today was just a frustating day and could you tell me things i need please, please let me know today i really need to know by
  12. plumbie03

    plumbie03 New Member

    also,tell the answer to the ver,very important question.
  13. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    When breeding birds its best to have them somewhere its not too noisy this way they can settle down and get on with mating.

    You need to make sure she has cuttlefish bone and mineral block in the cage so she can keep her calcium levels up as each egg she lays will reduce the calcium in her body and can become very serious for her if she loses too much.

    You will need to attach a nest box and you can line this with about 1-2inches of plain woodshavings which the birds usually throw out as they are not nest builders but just keep putting some back in.

    Once her cere has gone a very dark brown and crusty they usually start mating about 4-10days later and the first egg being laid anywhere from 2days to 3weeks after.

    Birds mate a few times a day and this can go on for hours the first sign of the male attempting to mate is him walking upto her and looks like he is kicking her side he will keep doing this till the female stands still and lowers her back he will then jump on her back mate then jump straight back off you will see him do this a few times.

    The temp in the room should be kept the same everyday and night and they should have a regular amount of light getting into the room.

    Introducing soft foods before they start mating helps them get used to them for when chicks arrive.
    Softs foods,,,, Boiled eggs mashed up with the shell is great for calcium aswell as nutrients, Boiled cooled pasta, rice, wholewheat bread, Broccolli, carrots, apple, pear banana things like that some birds will take to them some wont dont worry if they won't.

    You can also buy an egg food which is designed for hand feeding and weaning chicks this can also be put in a dish and fed dry to the parents.

    Eggs are laid every other day and the female may not sit on the eggs properly till nearly all the clutch is laid this can be anything from 1-6 eggs sometimes they have been known to have more.

    Incubation is 19days with each egg hatching every other day and the first 2 hatching within hours of each other.

    Once the chicks are around 4-5weeks old and leaving the nest the female may already be onto her next clutch of eggs a female should not be allowed to have more than 2 clutches of eggs without having a break of a couple of months to build her calcium back up and to recover from feeding the chicks.

    The male does not need to be taken out of the cage when there is eggs or chicks in the nest as he helps to take care of them and takes over feeding them when they are 4-5weeks old until they are fully weaned at 6-8weeks old.

    Hope this helps you out a little.
    A good breed will not feel silly asking for help if they dont know anything i am here to help so please if you think that asking a certain question may make you looks silly dont think that we all started off not knowing so please always ask for help if your unsure.

  14. plumbie03

    plumbie03 New Member

    tell me all the things i need and what i need to do to get ready for the breeding process to begin. :eek:
  15. mikehosscorp

    mikehosscorp New Member

    to tell if a bird is a female there nose is a puple color and there wings kinda turns a puple color but not all the time
  16. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Where did you find this out as a females feathers do not change colour a female's cere is usually white,Tan or dark brown.
    A male will have a purplish pink, or blue coloured cere.

    Young males will resemble the female until after there first molt like i said further up i owned a lilac and white male and his cere was pinkish white cere and i know he was male as he was the father to 12 babies.


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