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Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by weluvbirds, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. weluvbirds

    weluvbirds New Member

    Hi there , we recently bought a galah and have NO IDEA how old he is or if he is actually a boy? I think he is quite large, so I dont believe he is a baby. We got him from a pet shop who assured me they only buy from reputable breeders and that he was this seasons. But if he is this seasons then he is huge for his age. Is there any way to tell how he is without the expense of taking him to an avian vet ? He does have a few wrinkles around his eyes, but Im not sure if all galahs have this regardless of age. He doesnt talk at all but apparantly he came from an aviary and wasnt around people very much. I read online somewhere that boys have brown eyes which he does and that girls have a red in their eyes. His definately doesnt ! I am about to buy a female and the owner has NO IDEA of her age either. But said she is definately a girl and that girls have lighter coloured eyes than boys. Anyway Im hoping that someone out there can possibly help me out with all of this. Thanks in advance :)
  2. Chezza

    Chezza New Member

    Hi weluvbirds....If the pet shop bought him or her from a "reputable" breeder "THEN" he should have ALL the details with him or her before the sale ..To me that pet shop is having a lend for a sale, sorry to be blunt, but they would sell there wives or husband if it meant a "SALE"..

    If I was you, I would chase this pet shop person up, and ask him WHERE he got the bird from, if he is NOT hiding anything then he should be very helpful..

    As for sexing Galahs, I'm sure there will be someone who will shed light on that. I have Cockatiels and Budgies
  3. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    I agree with Chezza on everything, If this bird was bought from a reputable breeder then the pet shop owner should have all the birds details.
    Most breeders do not sell through pet shops unless they are out to make a quick buck so to speak.

    The sexes are very similar except for the eye colour. A mature female will develop a coppery red iris while the male, and immature females, have a very dark iris.

    A DNA test can usually tell you how old the bird is but do not know how reliable that is as i have only ever used it once for sexing of one of my cockatiels that i was sure to be a normal grey male cockatiel as had no barring and was very vocal soon turned out i was wrong and he was actually a she :lol:

    I would contact the petshop again and ask them for the breeders details and a good pet store with nothing to hide will gladly either give u them or contact the breeder there and then for you to speak to.

    Sorry couldnt be of more help


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