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How to train my pup to bathroom?

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by sereneric, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. sereneric

    sereneric New Member

    hey folks.. after going thru all the readings n advices, ive tried all on my Niki.. he's still a baby i koe.. but he seems to do his buisness on the kitchen floor where i lay only one corner of papers.. not in the bathroom! everytime I caught him doing it, i would catch him n lock him in the bathroom, i tend to scold him.. i slap on his butt at times too.. is that a bad way to train him this way? Every after play or meal i would place him in the bathroom to do his poo but he dun after a long time! He poo the moment i let him out in the kitchen! Now he does his business on the papers in the kitchen.. twice so far..Im getting NuTs! How to get him to the bathroom?!Or am I pushing too hard? It's only the 6th day at my home nw. I feel hurt wen I reprimand or harsh on him.. :cry:
    Can anyone help me?

  2. nern

    nern New Member

    There is no need to scold him or slap him on his butt. You may just cause him hide and do his business when your not around.

    Is it correct that you are trying to paper train him in the bathroom? If so, why do you have papers down in the kitchen? This is probably only confusing him. Have you considered crate training?
  3. nern

    nern New Member

    P.S. Place him on the papers after he plays, eats, drinks and wakes from naps and use a pbrase like "go potty". The second he is finished going on the papers give him lots of praise and maybe even a little treat. The more praise he gets for going on the papers the more likely he will be to use them the next time he has to go. Do not punish him in any way for going on the papers even if he goes on the papers in the kitchen rather than the bathroom. You will only confuse him and he may stop using the papers altogether. You must be consistant. If you want him to now go on the papers in the bathroom rather than in the kitchen your going to have to gradully move the papers from the kitchen into the bathroom....a few feet each day. Be patient, its only been 6 days and will take some time for him to get the concept.
  4. lingling

    lingling New Member

    i am a new owner of a 8 week shih tzu and i have her for 6 days now. i been reading alot of books on potty training and my puppy has been doing really good. she only have 3 accidents so far. you have to be consistent and take him out every 2 hours. he is probally confuse and do not know what you would like him to do by scolding at him and spanking him. DOGS ARE NOT HUMAN AND THEY DO NOT THINK LIKE HUMANS, SO DO NOT TREAT THEM LIKE HUMAN. they only learn with LOTS of consistency, patiences, and praises. i agree also agree with "NERN" above. A puppy will not be fully house train until 4-5 months. i hope this can help.
  5. sereneric

    sereneric New Member

    I think Im too impatient! no wonder he dun pee or poo infront of me.. he only did it wen im not aound. The reason that i put papers in the kitchen is bcos he always do it at the same spot.. i realise.. he always go for the same spot in the kitchen rather than the bathroom.. no matter how long I put him tn the bathroom, he dun do it.. he whines whenever he's in there.. only when he's stopped whining i let him out and tat's when he came out n made a mess again. I cant take him out yet as he's not completed his jabs. I think im a bad owner :cry: But thanx for all ur advice.. I will wait patiently for him to learn and do it consistently.. the prob is that im not ard at home during the day.. that's why im so worried abt him staying alone n making a mess of himself in the bathroom. I cant crate him due to lack of space.. i stay in a small apartment. But he's a very good puppy.. not that yappy type.. i love him veru much! He sleeps besid my bed every nite without any trouble at all..once he wakes up in the morning, he'll jump up to me like he's hinting "I need to pee" that kind of 'look' to me. He did pee n poo but in the wrong place. I wish i can be with him during this period.. :(
  6. Hi! I have givin out this info a couple of times and it seems to have helped.

    Please don't hit your puppy! :( There are better ways to train :D

    Some Basic Concepts for You to Understand
    Dogs develop elimination habits during their first few months of life.
    Dogs do not want to eliminate where they rest.
    Being creatures of habit, dogs will return to their "usual spot" whenever it is convenient.
    Dogs can be conditioned (trained) to react to a conditioned stimulus in a certain way. (they can be taught to eliminate when you say a word over and over).
    A behavior is likely to be repeated if it is positively reinforced. (You will therefore be using food treats and praise to reinforce elimination at the proper time, in the proper place


    The easiest way to housetrain your dog is to use a crate or cage in order to use the dog’s instinct against soiling his or her den. If your dog is not accustomed to the crate, leave the door open and feed your dog one or two meals in the crate then close the door for the next meal. Once your dog is used to the crate you can start feeding outside of the crate. Put bedding in the crate to make it comfortable and tie the door open when the dog is not confined to the crate. As a final note you may have to make the crate smaller by bunching up bedding in the back of the crate if you have a large crate and a small puppy. If the crate is too big the pup may still eliminate in one corner and sleep in the other.

    The most important keys to housetraining are close supervision and a regular schedule. Feed your dog at the same times each day and only offer water at scheduled intervals of about two hours. Don’t give your dog any water for at least three hours before bed. Let your dog out to eliminate after every meal, nap, and play. If he does not eliminate, try again in a few minutes. Keep your dog in the crate at any time that you cannot supervise, and while your dog is not in the crate watch for any signs that he needs to eliminate (such as sniffing the floor, scratching the door, whining, and pacing). As a side note to this, do make sure that you have play sessions indoors and outdoors during the day. Once your puppy has eliminated, he should be good for at least 30 minutes, depending on his age.

    When you let your dog out to eliminate, you should go out too. When you see that your dog is about to eliminate, repeat a word or phrase (such as "hurry up") that your dog will associate with the act. You will definitely appreciate this tool when you have to take your dog on a long car trip.

    At night, keep your dog in the crate. If she whines after being quiet for several hours she probably needs to go out. Be patient, and you will find that the number of outings will decrease as your pup learns to control herself. If at any time you are having problems during housetraining (as with any training), simply go back a step – you were probably pushing your dog too far. Of course adult dogs can be expected to go longer without eliminating than puppies can.


    No matter how careful you are, accidents are bound to happen. When they do, do not use folk remedies and do not even punish your dog unless you catch her in the act. Your dog or puppy might not remember the accident and may only get confused. Consider it your mistake for not supervising closely enough. Just put your dog in the crate and clean up the mess with a deoderizing cleanser or vinegar. Don’t use detergent or ammonia because the smell of ammonia may encourage the dog to soil in the same place again. Don’t let your dog see you cleaning up the mess. If she does happen to remember doing it, you do not want her to see you as her maid.

    If you do catch your dog in the act, shout "No", clap your hands, or otherwise distract him from the act of eliminating. Take your dog outside and wait until he eliminates while repeating your chosen word or phrase. Once your dog has eliminated, praise your dog because he has now eliminated in the correct place.

    City dogs

    In the city it is not always practical to housetrain a young puppy as described above. Eventually you will want your pup to eliminate outside, but if you live at the top of an apartment building you probably do not want to be taking your puppy outside every hour. As well, until your pup is fully vaccinated it is dangerous to let your dog walk where other dogs have been.

    In this case you will have to paper-train your puppy. Cover the entire floor of your pup’s confined area (eg. the kitchen) with newspaper. Praise your pup for eliminating on the newspaper and use the key word or phrase. Change the paper and remove some of the paper from the other side of the room. Continue this until there is only a small area of paper left. You may instead want to use special housetraining pads that can be bought at pet stores. After the pup is immunized at 16 weeks, take the paper away and use the crate to train your pup to go outside as described above. It may be necessary to take a sheet of newspaper outside so that your pup gets the idea.

    If you want your dog to scratch or whine at the door, you may want to try the following procedure. Once you are down to one sheet of newspaper, move the newspaper progressively towards the door. Finally, slide the paper under the door so that only a small corner is visible. Watch your dog carefully to see if he whines or scratches at the door to try to get to the paper and take him outside immediately. Praise him profusely once he has eliminated outside.

    Sincerely, Susan

    Good luck!
  7. sereneric

    sereneric New Member

    Thanx a million Susan! I will never ever hit my pup again. It will only make him avoid me.im too overly stressed by that.. :cry: I will keep that advice in mind. Wish me luck folks! will keep u guys updated again. :)
  8. Good for you! You'll do fine :D

  9. Hi! I didn't realize that I had already sent you that info, sorry! didn't mean to send it twice....

  10. nern

    nern New Member

    Don't worry sereneric, your not a bad owner. If you were you would'nt have bothered asking for advice. Best of luck with the paper training. :wink:
  11. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi th myth about puppies not soiling there beds is a little far fetch i can tell you my litter who are 4weeks old on friday used to pee in there bed now they have become sick of me shouting No and moving them they come off there bed and go near the backdoor.

    The trouble with paper training is your pup gets the all clear to goto the toilet on paper indoors then you have to retrain him to use outside.
    With paper training if he finds any paper on the floor he will use it to relieve himself.

    Providing your backyard is fenced and no other dogs have been in there you can take him out into the yard and teach him a simple words like be quick or go potty you should stay with him till he gets the hang of it.
    When he has done it where you want him to go praise him while he is doing it or straight after and reward with a treat they learn doing it outdoors is good.

    When indoors if he has accidents a simple no in a firm voice and place outside he lears the toilet is not indoors.
    Use the same door everytime you take him out he will soon learn that if he needs the toilet to go to the door and you will let him out.Taking him out soon after he has woken, he has been playing and after he has had something to eat and drink.
    Not giving them food late at night also helps them settle and stops accidents happening through the night

    My backdoor is open all day and the pups have started to venture to the steps to see whats out there 2 of them have already used the step as there toilet.

    I have never been one for training a puppy to go indoors and then train to go outdoors thats why i spend as much time as i can training and teaching my puppies before they leave for there new homes.

    Good luck in whichever way you decide to go on the toilet training matter.
    Time and patience is the key.

    Mike :D

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