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Hurricane Dogs

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by Pekemom, Oct 3, 2004.

  1. Pekemom

    Pekemom New Member

    Hi. I'm new to this forum, but recently had to evacuate my home not once, but twice with my two pekingese, due to the hurricanes in Florida. I was surprised at how well my one (black & white) peke did. My baby girl peke, though, had a tougher time overall.

    We're back home now, trying to get back to normal. But I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences (leaving home with small dogs under stressful circumstances) and what they did to ease the stress.
  2. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    First of all Welcome to Auspet. Second, I have not thankfully gone thru what your state has been subjected to as of lately. Thankfully you and your family are fine. There are a few products available for dogs that get stressed like on 4th of july thunder storms. I can not remember the names of them, maybe someone else can add to my post. Or your vet can prescribe something. They do sell it over the counter at the pet stores though. Glad to have you here. :y_the_best:
  3. 4Dogsihave

    4Dogsihave New Member

    In my Dr. Foster and Smith catalog they have something you can plug into your wall to help releve stress and anxiety in dogs and cats. Might also come in handy again if you have to evacualte. Although not sure if it needs power or not. Anyway I think their website is www.drfostersmith.com
  4. Pekemom

    Pekemom New Member

    Thanks for the warm [​IMG], puttin. I'm happy I actually found a small dog forum. I'm a big Drs. Foster/Smith fan, 4dogs, so thanks for the suggestion. I'll certainly check it out!
  5. gwen13

    gwen13 New Member

    I'm not sure what to tell you about comforting your pets, except lots of hugs and kisses, which I'm sure they get plenty of.
    I just wanted to say Welcome! :eek:
  6. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    I, too, have not had to deal with those issues either.... but wanted to welcome you to the board! :eek:


    Your avatar looks great too, by the way!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!
  7. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member

    :eek: WELCOME to Auspet, we're glad you're here!!! :eek:

    First off, I'm glad that you're safe and sound after all those hurricanes, I can't even begin to imagine! :?

    Tips for your distressed peke:

    -Lots of extra special TLC (However, be really careful not to reinforce the nervousness by providing comfort when your pup elicits nervous-type behaviors. By providing comfort during those times, you are simply going to make things worse! Comfort and praise your pup when she's showing signs of confidence and normality! This is so VERY important!!! :y_the_best: )

    -Provides lots of mental stimulation to take her mind off things (Kongs - there's a great variety of those, "mindbender" cubes, etc.)

    -Lots of exercise and play to tire her out (again, keeps her mind off things)

    -You could try the device that 4dogs mentioned, a couple people I know use the plug-in when they have new foster cats in the home who are often nervous and uneasy...from what my friends say, they LOVE it and it truly works well for them

    -Try your best to draw your puppy out (with toys, a game, anything) during the times in which she shows nervousness...once again, it's all about trying to take their mind off the nervousness - distract her with something fun

    -Do your best to try and make everything like it was before you had to evacuate (dogs find comfort in familiarity)

    -And of course, lots of patience and TLC (at the appropriate times, though :wink: )

    These are all the suggestions that I can think of for now, I hope these and the others that members have posted will help you out some!

    Keep us posted! :D

    ***BTW, great avatar, too darn precious!!!
  8. maltepoolover

    maltepoolover New Member

    I am glad you are safe and so is my sibling .We both hope you all do not have another one down there .
    there are things a vet can give you to help with the puppy so she can relax and not be so nervous .talk to your vet .
  9. Pekemom

    Pekemom New Member

    Thanks, All for your warm welcome and terrific ideas!! We've been back home barely one day. And both the "babies" (Bailey Brie, the black & white peke) and (Brandee~Cherie, the tri-color) are settling back in.

    appreciate your comments & concern. Great forum!
    Returning home after Hurricane Jeanne
  10. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    Hi & welcome! I'm glad to hear that you & your babies are all okay and settling back in. I can only imagine how stressful that is to go through.

    Your babies are beautiful!!! :D
  11. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    Oh they are adorable. You know a friend of mine had a litter of white pekes, the one I saw was georgous. They are so playful, my neighbor has one. at first he did the guard his house routine, then after getting to know us, he goes nuts wanting to come play. Does your drool when they get excited, he does.?
  12. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member

    Your Peke's are GORGEOUS...great picture!!! :eek:

  13. Pekemom

    Pekemom New Member

    Aww, thanks! I've always been a dog person, but something about a peke at this stage of my life, really works. It's the type of dog you have, and you think you'll always have one...

    I'm crazy about chihuahuas, too - and actually all dogs. But I find the smaller ones suit my lifestyle the best right now.

    Anyone (old enough to) remember the Goldie Hawn movie, where she played a lawyer who couldn't get rid of her ex-husband??

    Well, she had a whole bunch of dogs that followed her everywhere around the house. About twenty or so of them! "Seems Like Old Times". My dream!
  14. bellasmommy

    bellasmommy New Member

    luckily i don't live in an evacuation area. during andrew (in '92) we stayed in the house, the family dog, sasha, was 2 at the time, after andrew the house was not livable and we had to go up to broward county for a while. sasha was stressed but giving her chew toys really seemed to help her a lot.
    dogs feed off of the emotions of people, so i would suggest you try to remain calm and give the pups a familiar toy or something to help keep them occupied.
    with these hurricane threats i pack up my apartment and bella and i go down to my parents house, luckily i am able to make it seem like a vacation for her. but i did take her to the store to pick out a new toy right before jeanne made landfall.
    hopefully the tropics will stay quiet, we're all awaiting nov. 30th here :)

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