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Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by lynnhaz, May 21, 2004.

  1. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member

    okay...as most of you know. max has had two different problems that have given him diarrhea. he has been treated for both giardia (a parasite) and clostridium (a bacteria). he is on amoxil for the clostridium. the vet says he may have to be on that for a month (at least) before that clears up. he may also have to go to a different medication for this if the amoxil doesnt take care of it. NOW...my frustration is....he put him on 1/2 of his regular food (royal canine kitten-dry) and recommended 1/2 hill's wd for the diarrhea (for more fiber). oh my goodness.... he now just has twice as much when he goes (you know what), because all of that fiber. how so much can come out of one kitty's little body i have no idea. seems like he fills the kitty litter box. now, my vet said that is to be expected. :shock: easy for him to say! so my question is...wouldnt the wd have firmed his stools up by now if it were going to? is there something in wd that helps the intestional track.
    i would like to switch him to wellness super 5 kitten mix, but im not sure of changing his food in the midst of all this. quite honestly, i dont think the wd is doing a darn thing to help his stools.
  2. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    Some times it takes a while. Give him a few more days on it before making any rational descisions......

    Diareha is somthing that takes a bit to clear up in a baby of any kind. MEds don't start working right away , and yes changing his diet to soemthing that s supposed to help works the same. His poor little system is going through a lot right now. The new food might be upsetting his tummy a bit, causing the runs, but once he's usued to it, it should start helping him.
  3. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    when I got Zeus from the shelter he suffered with "dire-rear" horribly - I'm talking splats here. Poor guy didn't have a firm stool ever. His little backside would get bloody (anyone have lunch yet).

    Anyway I did all the foods the vet suggested (waiting in between to give the "dire-rear" a chance to clear up) and nothing worked. It was determined it was food related with Zeus. Friskies canned kitten food ended up being the one that worked. Zeus was losing weight rather quickly and I was getting concerned about fading kitten syndrome (he was 9 weeks old when I got him). He wasn't growing...got quiet.

    So I got some Friskies canned kitten and within a few days his stool started getting firmer. For some reason he couldn't tolerate the "good stuff" and I tried most of them.
  4. Obelix

    Obelix New Member

    Hey, I couldn't resist commenting on how you call it "dire-rear" shorty before we put out cat to sleep he had really bad dirrieah and after a while my dad called it "dire-rear" even to this day weather it be a homosapian or a mammal its still refered to it as that.

    EDIT: I just did a google search (dont ask why) and found some results so if their is actually a condition called "dire-rear" which would be extremely ironic
    ignore the above post
  5. russianbluefanatic

    russianbluefanatic New Member

    sorry to hear about the probs you are having with your kitten,
    I have had several rescue kittens with such severe diarrhoea one of them died. They had been on all sorts of medication , including KAOMAGMA (basically chalk) to try and bind them up....I was desperate to stop it, and no one had any 'cure'. It was a trial and error lesson for all involved.
    The whole time they suffered through this ( over 5 weeks ) I thought their little intestines would never be the same, and they would suffer from irritable bowel syndrome for the rest of their natural lives.
    We are still uncertain of the cause of the infection, be it viral or bacterial.
    Lots of nursing and getting up every 2 hours, 4 different medications, tube feeding, subcutaneous fluids and bathing 3 times daily ( i was an emotional train wreck by the end of it) saw that 3 out of the 4 kittens survived and are now a healthy bunch at 6 months of age.

    However, Giardia I know is a terrible problem, and I have heard that cats never recover from it and have diarrhoea for the rest of their lives.

    I would ask your vet if the kitten can have canned i/d (HILLS) which is an Intestinal Diet, this will help with the tummy upset as it is basically turkey/chicken and rice, very bland, and will help the gut to 'rest' If they want fibre in his diet, add PSYLIUM HUSKS ( metamucil without flavour, you can get it from any health food store) I would also enquire into getting PROTEXIN which is basically like your acidophilis which helps promote healthy gut flora, it is especially formulated for animals with diarrhoea, it is a powder you can add to the food.
    Nutritionally a VERY good kitten milk replacement formula such as DIVETALACT will help maintain electrolytes levels, or if the kitten is drinking water, get the vet to give you some LECTADE solution which is formulated to rehydrate animals with chronic diarrhoea, again with electrolytes and glucose for energy. These guys get dehydrated so quickly.

    The kittens I raised soon went onto solid food which I made myself and was 90% cooked chicken, again, a nice bland food that the stomach and intestines find easier to digest.
    Avoid rich foods, like canned food or dry kitten food, unless it is for a nutritional benifit, but be wary and ask advice from LOTS of vets if you can ( I saw and spoke to over 10 professionals).

    best of luck.
  6. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member

    thank you russianblue for trying to help me. i know that my mommy is frustrated because i still have diarrhea. i think your info is going to help her find a solution for my problem. i didnt like the i/d canned. she tried to give it to me, and it smelled yucky. then she tried to give me some white stuff that she baked in the microwave, but it didnt smell good either. i think she called it chiken. i think i know what those are...i wish i could chase one around my house. that would be really fun. im not supposed to be on the computer. she doesnt like it when i step on the keys, but i do it anyway. and...shes really good about cleaning my kitty pan, but she cleans my you know what too much. i hate that. i wish she'd stop that. i run away real fast after i get out of the kitty pan now, and its really funny...she cant catch me...and sometimes i dribble stuff on the carpet. its funny to watch her scramble around and clean everything. i am now 4 months old. and i really hope she goes to talk to the vet about the other stuff you said...the psyllliiiiiuuuu...whatever that stuff is, and the yummy drink...thank you RB...is it okay for me to call you that...your name is really long for me cause im just little. oops...here she comes...gotta go.......................................................meow............

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