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Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by mdman126, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. mdman126

    mdman126 New Member

    Hi, i finally found a good vet and neutered my baby. as you know he had an undescended testes but the vet was able to pull both out from the same incision.
    they kept him overnight and today at 10AM i picked him up. he is here at home now and i am taking care of him. i could tell he was in a lot of pain so i gave him the pain medication they sent home with him.
    now because someone here told me he should be sent home with antibiotics i called the vet but they said he does'nt need antibiotics. my question is, do you think he needs antibiotics and also the Ecolor that prevents him from eating the stiches is making him crazy, can i take that off at night? he is very hyper. please let me know. thanks a bunch
  2. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member

    First of all, mdman, I want to say congrats on getting your pup fixed!!! :eek: I realize it was a tough decision for you, but you made the right choice and saved yourself and your dog from future problems!!! And your dog came out of the surgery just fine and all went well it sounds like, great news! :y_the_best:

    Regarding your questions-

    Does he need antibiotics: No, in my experience with the shelter dogs being neutered/spayed, and my dogs as well, antibiotics are not needed unless there is an infection.

    Can you take off the e-collar: Sort of depends on his behavior. When you are able to keep a VERY close eye on him, take it off and see if he starts to chew or lick at the wound, if yes, don't take it off (a little licking is okay). Believe me, you DON'T want him to tear open the incision!!! :shock: I know it's difficult to see him have to be annoyed by the collar, but it is in his best interest!

    I didn't use an e-collar after my boys' surgery because I was able to watch them almost all of the time afterwards. However, at night, and when I had to go out to do some errands, I did put a doggie diaper on them (the inside was lined with soft material so it wouldn't irritate the incision). The diaper worked wonderfully, and didn't seem to bother them (much more comfy than the collar)!!!

    I hope I sufficiently answered your questions!

    Here's to a speedy recovery for your wonderful Pom! :D
  3. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    Did he get internal stitches? They would be harder to pull out. He would probably lick it excessively. The reason my sisters male needed anti-biotics was becasue he tore out two staples. They put anti-biotic powder inside, closed it back up, and gave my sister the meds to give him. I would only take the e-collar off if I could watch him every minute. If not leave it on. They get used to it in a day. Males tend to pester the insision more so. So keep your eye on him. They really do bounce back quick. Don't be surprised if he's already walking around as if nothing has happened. Keep the area dry.
  4. mdman126

    mdman126 New Member


    thanks for the replies, so i'll just wait and observe him. and i will try to take the e-color off him and see what he does. and by the way how long the e-color has to be on? and one more thing he has been eating but has not pooped yet do you think he is constipated from the anesthesia ? and if yes what will make him go? thanks for all your help again
  5. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    If he doesn't go soon just pop a tablespoon of punkin in with his food. Plain puree'd pumkin. I would keep it for at least a week, but observe and if he's good maybe sooner. When it starts to heal though it will begin to itch. so be aware of what he's doing. LoL it's not going to kill him bumping into all the furniture and doorways.
  6. 4Dogsihave

    4Dogsihave New Member

    You may also be able to trim the collar down a little so it doesnt iritate him with it bumping into everything. I know they one I had for my dog was excessivly large and she couldent even get her head in the food bowl so I cut it down enough to where she couldent get to her insicion.
  7. mdman126

    mdman126 New Member

    hi again

    thanks guys for the advice. well he slept okay last night, today i tried to teke off the collar but as soon as it is off he starts biting the IV site on his hand and also where they took blood. after doing that part he goes to the incision site and that is whan i stop him.
    and the other thing is that he keeps getting stuck to the furniture and the collar comes off , it is not easy to watch him every minute. thanks
  8. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    If you have the e-collar straight from the vet with the string. Take off that string and string a cushy rolled bandana thru it. It adds more comfort and won't dig in as much as it is the other way. Remember to tie it snug enough so's it won't fall off. Like 4dogs said you can cut some of the length off but make sure not too much. You can take it off when he eats and when you think he may want water. Just remember to pop it back on. This will be over before you know it.
  9. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    OMG... I didn't get a chance to check the website last nite..... so let me just say, I AM SOOOO PWOUD OF YOU MDMAN!! I KNOWWWWWWW how you were so worried about neutering your baby. So, big hugs to you!

    I know I'm too late on the answers to your question, but I just wanted to tell you that Bailey didn't go home with any antibiotics either... so I'm not sure if that's the norm or not.

    I also heard you can trim the ecollars so they are more comfortable.... after all, they are only to keep him from being able to access the "oowies"... they are not intended to make his life a living a h#ll... :)
  10. mdman126

    mdman126 New Member


    thanks puttin510 and MonsterB. and the rest, he is doing okay now, his eyes are watering a lot, i did cut the ecollar and made it smaller and that helped him drink water easier.
    now i was told that if you neuter a hyper dog that keeps nipping and biting who also jumps high, he will culm down and you will see a difference. but now that my pom is neutered there is no difference , except he jumps higher, he is biting us more and is very restless!!! so i am just wondering, are we supposed to see the difference right away or it will take some time?
  11. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    It takes awhile... (atleast it did with Bailey)....I assumed it had to do with getting all those "raging hormones" out of his system... (so to speak) hehe....

    Bailey was a spazzzzzzzzzz (he's still a spaz, but nothing like he was) and was also wayyyy too friendly with his stuffed animals.... it took a couple of weeks, or a month or so before I noticed a difference.
  12. mdman126

    mdman126 New Member

    help please!!!

    i am back , its good to know that it takes some time to see a difference,
    now i am concerned about his health, he vomited yellow stuff in the morning , so i didn't feed him the wjole day until 8 pm but he vomited everything again. is this normal? does it happen after neutering? is it one of the side effects of anesthesia?
    i am so worried about him, he looks so tired. i have to mention that i gave him a small carrot, he loves them. did that make him vomit?
    please help, i dont know what to do? thanks in advance
  13. DogLover

    DogLover New Member

    I had my boy neutered a month ago (at his age of 4 month). He also stayed at the vet office for the first night after the surgery. He was doing fine when I picked him up. Well, reacted kinda slow, but everything else is normal. I hate to put the e-collar on him, but I still did, especially when I couldn't supervise him with my own eyes. I removed the e-collar when he behaves good but put it right back on if he started going there. I guess puppies recover very fast. My boy's stitches were mostly gone after the 3rd day.

    By the way, if you have stairs in the house, try not to let your boy running/walking up and down. Block the way if you have to.

    About vomitting, you probably need to contact your vet as soon as possible. Even though I don't think it has anything to do with the surgery, I might be wrong. My boy didn't vomit after the surgery. Plus, there shouldn't be any side effects of anesthesia after the first night stay at the vet. Don't think the vomitting has anything to do with the carrot either. If your boy had no problem with the carrot in the past, he shouldn't have it now. Carrot is an ingredient found in many dog food. Therefore, I don't think it's poisonus to dogs.

    How many times did he vomit? If it's just once, don't be too worried. Dogs are like human, who would enjoy going through the surgery??? But, if the vomitting keeps coming, CALL THE VET IMMEDIATELY. Hope this helps.
  14. mdman126

    mdman126 New Member


    hi doglover, i have taken the e-collar off and have been watching him. he vomited 4 times yesterday and i just fed him a little Innova, not much . i dont want to call his vet yet because i was not very happy with their service, first they told me the neutering out the door will be $250 but after the surgery the total came up to $345, so i am gonna watch him and if he vomits again i will take him in. what do you think? thanks
  15. DogLover

    DogLover New Member

    I feel bad to hear that the vet robbed you. But, did you ask the vet why you were charged $95 extra? It's a very small and uncomplicated surgery to the vet, the cost shouldn't be that much. It only cost me about $140 to get my boy neutered, and the cost also includes the extra shot of anesthesia.

    I won't exclude the possiblity that your boy might pick up something bad at the vet's office during the stay. At this forum, I have heard from other members whose dogs got sick after the vet visit.

    If you don't wanna deal with that vet anymore. Why not contact other vets in the area? Continuous vomitting of yellow stuff sounds pretty bad to me, and it could be a sign of serious health condition.

    Ask around for good referrals and feedbacks, but have your boy checked up as soon as possible.
  16. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member


    I wouldn't think that your pup should still be vomiting. A couple of times, okay, but not continuous. Vomiting can be a sign that a dog's stomach is empty and needs some food. Feed him little bits of food at a time (you don't want him to just inhale tons of food at one sitting). Don't let your pup go long w/out eating, their blood sugar can drop to dangerous levels very quickly (especially so in small breed dogs). If he's not eating the kibble, try giving him a little bit of canned food. If he doesn't start eating normally as he used to, give him a little honey off your finger to bring his blood sugar up. I would definitely bring him to a vet to make sure all is okay. I'd imagine he is still recovering from the surgery and just not feeling well, but it's better to be safe than sorry!

    As far as the cost goes, you were told 250 dollars for the surgery, but did that amount include pain meds, the blood draw, etc. that you received in addition to the surgery? Some vets have one flat fee for the surgery itself, but have additional fees for pain meds and other things. However, they should have told about the additional fees before the surgery! I don't know if that's what happened with you or not, but don't hesitate to call and find out more info about the pricing if you are curious, it's your right to find out and know!

    Please do keep us updated on your pup, I hope he is feeling better soon! :D
  17. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwww..... man!

    Actually, mdman DID ask around for referrals.... and I believe the extra probably had to do with the fact that his baby had a testicle that hadn't descended. So, unfortunately, his neutering wasn't the "norm" as far as costs go........
  18. mdman126

    mdman126 New Member


    mybabyshihpoo you are right i will ask them to explain exactly why the total was a different one and monsterb. you are also correct i was told by the vet since one of the testes has not come out if he makes 2 incisions then there will be an extra charge but he was able to take out both testes from the same incision. so i have to get to the bottom of this.
    as far as my pom i found out one of the reasons he was vomiting was because of chasing my chihuahua and rough play with him. so what i did , i put the chihuahua in the room and fed my pom and kept him in another room until his food was digested and so far he is doing fine.
    in the afternoon i looked at his incision and saw some redness and i knew that he had chewed on it so i mixed penicillin powder and triple antibiotic ointment and put it on there and now it looks better. thanks for being there guys , it feels really good to know there are others going through the same thing. thanks again
  19. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    by the way, mdman.... what are your babies' names?
  20. mdman126

    mdman126 New Member

    their names

    ya, my pomeranian, his name is Fluffy and my chihuahua's name is Leo, he is a long hair chihuahua with blue eyes. talk to you soon

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