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i have a 8 year old horse who has got..........

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by iluvellie, Jun 21, 2005.


any one know how to sort out my problem

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  1. iluvellie

    iluvellie New Member

    something called osteo arthrietis in the hocks and also has a trapped nerve in her back and she has had loads of injections and i dont know how to make her completely flat not lame is there any different way in which you can help her :roll: :( :cry: :?:
  2. iluvellie

    iluvellie New Member

    or just even give me advice
  3. seaecho

    seaecho New Member

    You don't say how old your mare is. My 19 yr. old Arab gelding has osteoarthritis in his hocks and I have more or less retired him from riding. He gets Adequan injections once a month, and is also on MSM powder twice a day. The way I discovered it was his hind legs would give out on him now and then when I was riding. He'd almost "sit" down for a second or two, and then recover. No ongoing lameness, though. This happened maybe two or three times during a two hour ride, sometimes less. It depends on how severely your horse is affected as to if she will appear to be sound again. ( I say "appear" because she'll never be completely sound again due to her arthritis) Do you still ride her? As you probably know, any weight bearing will aggrevate the arthritis. So its your choice as to how to deal with this (retire her, cut down ride lengths, degree of difficulty, etc). My horse shows no lameness whatsoever when he isn't bearing weight. He gallops all over the place like a 2 yr. old. Its only when I'm riding that he has symptoms. That's why I decided to retire him. The adequan injections and MSM help him greatly, but still not enough for me to ride without him stumbling in the rear now and then. He doesn't have a trapped nerve in his back like your mare, so that may further complicate matters. I'd talk to your vet to find out what his/her opinion is on what can and cannot be done with your mare. Good luck.
  4. Laura05

    Laura05 New Member

    it is in the "subject" line.... 8 Years old....
  5. iluvellie

    iluvellie New Member

    she is 8 years old and we are using msm powder now aswell we have had injections and now because she is not better we are taking her to leehurst vetinary clooege she is too young to retire
  6. iluvellie

    iluvellie New Member

    more bad news to tell you

    i have now found out that i wont ever be able to jump her and i love competing i dont know what to do anyone else can give me some gud advice or just even reply to talk about the situation :cry:

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