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I have a couple of snails and wanna have more

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by nick_no_11, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. nick_no_11

    nick_no_11 New Member

    ok we have a pond and this summer i took 3 snails and put them each in dif tank and i want them to have babys so i can put them in the out side fish pond with my goldfish next summer . i was wondering how i could breed them (all i know is they have to be in same tank) and wat water condisions i need and all that stuff any help will be apreciated.
  2. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    What kind of snails? If they're just regular pond snails they're hermaproditic so you only need one to breed. They actually multiply really easily. Most people have problems getting rid of them because they multiply so much.

  3. nick_no_11

    nick_no_11 New Member

    well i dont realy know i think just regular pond snails. none have multiplyed but they are not vary big so they might have to get older or biger thats just my guess. and there were tons of them and there were 2 dif looking kinds of snails but i only took 1 kind. i have a pic of the snail but i dont know how to put it on here. i know how to e-mail tho.
  4. nick_no_11

    nick_no_11 New Member

    ok i did a search on google and found out my snail is a american pond snail..does that help answer how to breed them??
  5. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    Give them a few weeks. It helps if you have live plants. If not, you can put a tiny piece of lettuce in there (if it start to rot, take it out).

  6. nick_no_11

    nick_no_11 New Member

    do the snail like only breed in the spring? cause i wold have lots then cause i have 3 snails. and do they lay eggs or are the snails born live???

    thx for all the help
  7. grnlemonade

    grnlemonade New Member

    snails lay eggs, usually it looks like a little nest of jelly i have heard

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