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I need some help house breaking.

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by KRAFTDOGG1, Jun 20, 2005.


    KRAFTDOGG1 New Member

    My pitt is 5 1/2 months old. I cant get him housebroken.
    I work full time. he has his own room while im at work. I tried to crate him
    but he would go in his crate. I only leave him alone for 4 hrs max.
    Now I use the puppy pads. Hes good with them while im gone.
    The problem is when im home. He just goes anywhere he wants.
    I take him outside every 45 min or so. He goes whenever hes outsied.
    I have tried all the techniques that I have read about. He just wont let me
    know when hes got to go. He does not even give off any warning signs,
    he just lets it go.( by the way this is just urinating) I had him checked
    for kidney disease and uti. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. KristiansBruizer

    KristiansBruizer New Member

    hey my pup is only 2 1/2 months, and i am having somewhat the same problem, i am home pretty much all the time with him, and when i go places i take him with me, sometimes he will whine at the door to go out, but other times he will just stop walking and go right on the carpet. he goes outside for his bowel movements, but he urinates anywhere, and my roomate just got a puppy palmaranian (however you spell it) and se fits under Bruizer bc she is so small. he went on her head! my roomate was so angry. he is getting better though. i havent read the books or anything, but i started giving him a treat when he would go outside and i spray bitter apple spray in his mouth when he does it inside, you can get it at any pet store, it isnt harmful and dogs hate the taiste of it, so he picked up on it in a week. its worth a try...hope it helps
  3. boditosabear

    boditosabear New Member

    house training is just one of the many training issues you will be facing. with a powerful dog such as a pittbull i would recommend enrolling in a k9 obedience class. the last thing anyone wants is a dog that has not been trained. your puppy will have to pee when it wakes up in the morning, after it eats , at 5 months just about every 2 hours good luck.
  4. Angie

    Angie New Member

    KristiansBruizer, you said that your dog only urinates inside and that there is a new dog in the house? Maybe your dog is marking his territory...?

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