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I need worming help

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by Smokey04, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. Smokey04

    Smokey04 New Member

    I tried worming Smokey yesterday. This is the firs time I have had to do it. We have only had him around 5 weeks now. Well, he hated it. I put a halter on him and he kept rearing up on his back legs and pulling away. I tried for a while, but decided to wait for my DH to help hold him and I didnt' get to it last night. I am using a gel in a syringe type thing, but I am not sure how I am going to be able to squirt it on the back of his tongue with the way he was acting yesterday. Anyone have any tips or advice?

    Also, anyone familiar with Farnam's ComboCare Gel (maxidectin/praziquantel) That is what I am using this time, then I need to use a Strongid type for next time....is that right?

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    I use Ivemectin or Panicur...Equimectine is good too....
    He's got some bad manners, If he won't eat it that way. Try putting it on bread. I smear it like mayo and fold it in half....they usually eat it with no problem..
    If that won't work. Try putting it in his feed...
  3. kate

    kate New Member

    i use an apple flavoured wormer on our brood mare
    i just squeze it out of the syringe in to a grain bucket and toss a hand full of oats on top
    it does the trick for us!

    good luck
  4. ya_gotta_luv_em

    ya_gotta_luv_em New Member

    well, my horse is so crazy that none of those suggesgions have worked 4 her. I once even put her in2 a cattle race. which i no now is not a good thing 2 do 2 a horse even if i didnt lock her head in.

    i only recently found tha best way. Spread it on bread wif molasas on top 2 cover tha smell,


    cut half a carrot length ways & put tha paste on one half
    then put the other half on top like a yoyo bikki
    then put molassas over tha bits of paste u can still c & then give it 2 tha horse.

    I find tha carrot one works best but if my horse sees even a little bit of tha paste she refuses it.

    Ive also tried blindfolding her which woz very effective til my horse realised that the blindfold went worming so she started going crazy & it soesnt work anymore.

    Well good luck!!
  5. OTTB lvr

    OTTB lvr New Member

    I just got back into town yesterday, and had to deworm both my guys today. My TB is fine with it, but my new mare posed a huge problem. I just rested the end of the tube against her nose until she finally stopped throwing her head and trying to rear (the tube stayed against her the entire time) and when she finally stopped moving, I moved the tube down and into her mouth. It took a couple attempts, but once I started trying it that way, rather than fighting with her, withing a couple of minutes, we were done.

    I think I'm gonna order that worming halter for next time, the one that has that piece so you don't put the tube directly into the horses mouth...it's supposed to be the solution to problem horses for worming....
  6. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    The problem with the worming halters ( I had one) is that you still have to stick a tube into their mouths to get it on them...Then once its in and on the horses head, they can't get away from it. Which will make them FREEK out....Trust me....SA almost killed herself with it on..She just couldn't get away from it. Luckily I had my pocket knife and whild holdig onto the the halter and being dragged with one hand I cut it off with the other....

    So if a horse isn't used to it. It can really give them serious mental problems.

    I usually put her bridal on her. and let her stand with it on for about 20-30 minutes. Then when I take it off she's used to something being in her mouth and poses no problem.

    She jsut doesn't like forigen objects in her mouth. Before riding she wears her bridal for a few minutes while I finish tacking her up....
  7. OTTB lvr

    OTTB lvr New Member

    mmm...good point, Sams...I hadn't thought of that. I'm sure my mare will get better with time, I get the feeling she hasn't been handled much at all...when she arrived, my barn owner couldn't get near her with her blanket without her rearing up and dragging Mike (who's a good 200+ lbs) across the yard. Since I've been home, I've been working extensively with her on the ground, and she's accepting the blanket quite well now, and learning that the things I'm doing, though scary at first, won't hurt her, and she's getting better and better all the time. So I figure she'll be great in time, she just needs time and exposure.

    Good luck to you, Smokey04
  8. horse_child

    horse_child New Member

    I would try filling an old syringe with molasses and anything yummy tasting and giving it to her everyday. that way she learns that the syringe means yummy taste instead of the yucky taste of dewormer.

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