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I tought this BSL was overturned!

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by honeybears, May 13, 2005.

  1. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

  2. MaxKellyAST

    MaxKellyAST New Member

    Good article from a seemingly objective journalist....
  3. yogi

    yogi New Member

    Legal recourse at supreme court

    My recomendation is exactly what Dr Suro stated. These owners need to file a wrongful death suit against the county and hold the county legally liable for full restitution. These dogs are innocent until found guilty. They were not granted fair legal representation but found guilty by a small goup of egotistical jack asses who think they know what is best for all but in fact no very little at all. Leave it to a politician always concerned about his back side instead of yours .....
  4. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    I find what they are doing just shocking, it makes me think of when jewish people were rounded up and killed by the nazis just becuase they were jewish, and when the article talks about informants and turning the people in who own pbs, what are we coming to
  5. jrbuddha

    jrbuddha New Member

    it was overturned, but they pushed through a new law recently.
  6. jrbuddha

    jrbuddha New Member

    and like I put in the other thread where some genius compared this to the Holocaust.

  7. yogi

    yogi New Member

    God's Children all aren't we?

    There is no apples and orange issue here. Extermination is just what it is. Not all Jews were exterminated nor are all the Pit Bulls but this in no way reduces the effect of what is happening does it!. It appears to be exactly the same thing but dogs not Jews. Last I checked we are "all" Gods children. Not just Jews but Pit Bulls too. Where does man have the right to act in God's stead? He created the animals but unfortunately he also created man......I will leave that up to those who know what I am talking about.
  8. jrbuddha

    jrbuddha New Member

    Re: God's Children all aren't we?

    Someone please show me the link to the millions of Pitbulls being lined up entering gas chambers.

    Or the one with mass graves of pitbulls.

    Or the one with tons of pitbulls so skinny from starvation that you can almost see their heart beat.

  9. maxkicker

    maxkicker New Member

    isnt it kinda silly to argue about this? especially on a dog forum
  10. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Re: God's Children all aren't we?

    I'll try to find the links tomorrow, its late now got to get some sleep. I don't know what the eye roll is for, its a serious matter, of course they are "only" animals to some, but for many of us they are equally important as our human members of the family (to some extent). Those things happen to our dogs, but the toture usually doesn't like what the jews went through but I think they are speaking of genocide and genocide is genocide. And of course the dogs who were lined up in put in the gas chamber or given the needle as well, and the creamated dogs aren't put in graves they are incenerated and thrown away. But there are those occasions when they are thrown into one big pile, 100s of them for being Pit Bulls and a couple other breeds were included, taken, slaughtered and thrown in a huge pile like garbage. Sure it is different, much different but in some ways similar.

    Here is just a little some of whats happened.

    "Its Germany all over again....wait until they are dragging the dogs forcibly from the arms of screaming ,crying children....wait until the officers are slapping the childrens hands off the dogs collars...wait until 12 rounds of ammo are unloaded into your dog in your driveway and the dog is left there for you to "clean up".....these things and more will occur if this does not stop now...."

    This is taken from another forum, just a poster voicing their concerns and opinion. I take this as a very serious issue, whether they be people or animals, they are living beings who we are supposed to protect and respect, care for not kill because they are of a certain race or breed or whatever unless these be a danger our own survival which would then be justified and the Pit Bull is obviously not a true danger its breed hatred, ignorance, stupidty and of course politics.
  11. jrbuddha

    jrbuddha New Member

    Like I've said before, I agree that this is a terrible thing happening, but comparing it to the Holocaust is just plain silly.

    And the owners of these dogs being forcibly taken are responsible for their dogs death. They knew the ban on BSL's had been lifted, but yet they kept the dogs. They were told that their dogs would be rounded up and killed, but still they kept their dogs. I'm in no way saying that it's okay for the city to do this, but if I was told my dog had to go or they were going to kill it, I would either move, or find a home for my dog outside of Denver county. The Jews were not told they could leave peacefully. They weren't allowed to live in another part of Germany without persecution. They had little to no warning.

    I have a friend who is in danger of losing her dog in Denver, so I know this is serious, but like I said before and I'll say again, comparing this to the Holocaust is just plain silly.

    not sure what your reading, but we are discussing dogs.

    p.s. Not to derail the discussion, but anyone have any links on some resources on effective ways of fighting BSL's? Any help would be appreciated, as I'm doing what little help I can for my friend who plans on taking on Denver City Council. I've used the search function on here, and also Googled quite a bit, but any amount can help.
  12. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    jrbuddha...seeing as youve now brought what I said up in another thread Ill post my response to that here also.

    I want planning on using it at as arguement with Denver City Council....the point was the 'mentality' of it is no different.

    You may not like the choice of words I used but Ive heard others using the same 'terms', while not comparing people lives to dogs lives....to deliberately wipe out an entire population in a particular area of any living species, in my opinion, takes a certain level of barbarianism....its sick, its been proved over and over again that it doesnt work, there are other dogs that are higher risk and have proven statistics for attacks, both fatal and non fatal but I dont see those breeds being singled out and euthanized just for the mere fact that they exist.

    Since this intial thread was posted, I have talked to a few in both UK and Germany all of whom are disgusted that a modern civilisation can legally carry out the destruction of an entire breed in any given area. While I believe UK was the first country to put into use BSL's, as I said they did not euthanize the existing, living dogs unless that particular dog warranted it through an attack, in which case it then came under the DDL.
    I work at a shelter in Germany...which incidently...is where someone used the terminology I used.

    I did write my last post when I was extremely angry but I wont apologize for it, I believe this reasoning as to why I used it is suffice. If the moderators do not approve then they can edit or delete it, thats their prerogitive but I stand by it.
  13. daddyfs

    daddyfs New Member

    I would like to believe that the BSL thing is racially driven as well (goin back to the article). most of America sees this dog as a young black thugs dog.. when thats not the case.. not everyone who is young and black who owns a pit is a thug.. i know im not.. also.. about the Jewish thing.. its wrong to compare to the Holocust.. and if you were Jewish you would probably understand.. i know i would be if someone compared whats happenin to what happened to the slaves.. or what happened to the Koreans durin the Korean War.. you get where im goin??
  14. yogi

    yogi New Member

    holocaust is not the word

    Webster defines hol-o-caust:
    a whole burnt offering. burnt whole.
    whole + kauslos, burnt. See Caustic
    1. an offering the whole of which is burned, burnt offering.
    2Great or total destuction of life, esp. by fire.

    No where does it say this pertains to only humans which is my point. The word itself from the Greek origin refers to total destruction by fire and no other source. After WWII it was used to define the horrors brought on by Hitler against the Jews but people fail to remember also the innocent Germans of christian faith who opposed Hitler and his Nazi regime. The suffered a real Holocaust according to the true definition of the word. Hitler order the fire bombings of Dresden and Hamburg to kill these christians via fire.
    This in no way is meant to take away from the horrific loss of life brought down on the jews during WWII but if we are referring to the definition, than what is going on now with the city of Denver is no different if the goal is the same and the defintion is going to be loosely translated.
    I am neither Jew, Christian, Nazi or for that matter any denomination that I would recognize. What I am though is one who under no circumstances will tolerate this type of total disregard for life. Especially when no opportunity is afforded those accussed the right to defend themselves.
    Man kind by actions have proven not to be the intelligent of all species of animal on earth but in most cases the most ignorant and unfortunately this ignorance has led to the acts of WWII thru the action going on in Denver. I stated before, I do not own nor intend to own a Pit, but what I want to know is has anyone e-mail their grievance to Denver regarding this disgusting display of ignorance?
    If you take pride in this breed as from what I have seen on this site I would think less chat here and more action to deal with this issue would be needed.

  15. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi everyone i sent this email and wondering if it sounded ok.
    I am not a pit owner but i refuse to accept that this is the only way that the goverment can deal with the problems.

    I am writing this email to state how disgusted i am with the law that has been passed.
    This law is killing dogs when it is not there fault that some are used as weapons, or used for dog fighting.

    Why could a law not be passed to imprison the people that set out to use the dogs for this purpose.
    Pit bulls have the reputation for being human and dog aggressive but i have to disagree and state that ALL breeds of dogs can without warning become human and dog aggressive so basically all dogs should be branded dangerous.

    Before long these stupid laws are going to kill off the whole dog population all because of stupid individuals.


    If the goverment took the time to look at this dogs as individuals then they would all see that most 99.9% of PITBULLS are sweet natured family pets.

    I have pits in my family and they have never hurt a human or another animal.
    So instead of making stupid and pathetic laws like this do something constructive and deal with the people causing these problems.

    As with all animals providing they are trained correctly well socialised and cared for properly they are of no risk to anyone or anything.

    But you decide to pass this law and take family pets away from there homes, You warned owners that the only way there dogs will be saved is if they move out of denver or rehome there dogs out of denver county.

    Get your fingers out and sort yourselves out this is not fair on the loving people that take pride in the breed and do not tolerate any sort of dog fighting or cruelty in anyway.

    Concerned dog owner.

  16. yogi

    yogi New Member

    in total agreement with you

    I too am not an owner of this breed but my concern is exactly how you put it. Put the onus and responsibility on the owner. Hold them legally liable as a parent can be for the actions of an underage child. Implement guidelines that one must comply with in order to own a breed that some feel is aggressive. Just don't go about destroying a species of animal because a few have caused the reputation to be tarnished. I don't see massive hunting going on the kill all the man eating sharks in the ocean.
    There would be a worldwide outcry.
  17. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    I in fact ,on another forum, compared it to the passing of the Nuremberg Laws passed in Nazi Germany in 1935.

    I was comparing it to the fear and dread of that inevitable knock on the door. Or trying our best to hide our dogs in the attic or basement. I was comparing it to genocide which means "the deliberate and systematic killing of another living being." It is the plan of many cities and municipalities in the U.S. and Europe to have pit bulls/bull dog types, extinct in the not so far future.

    I have been diligently calling, faxing, emailing, lobbying, city councilmen everywhere in the country. Some councilmen are sympathetic and feel these laws are barbaric. But when it comes time for a vote, the deciding vote is in favor of city lawmakers in favor since they usually out number the ones against. All I can say is, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! Vote these people out at election time.

    And, in a sense, you're right about this. City law-enforcement agencies view pit bulls as propaganda to crime. Pit bulls are the "legal loaded weapon" that criminal don't have to conceal. A city telling its citizens that eliminating pits bulls will magically make all crime just disappear. It's just a knee-jerk, feel good, fuzzy wuzzy, false sense of security law enforcment spreads through the media.

    The only thing that will be accomplished is family pit bulls will be removed from the average American home and the criminals will make special efforts to hide theirs.

    Now, I have a question. Do any of you have a plan on what you're going to do if your city gives you 24 hrs to relinquish your pit bulls or re-locate them? My Husband and I are starting to think we may really need some kind of plan since there seems to be no stopping this notion of breed laws.
  18. StormyMoon

    StormyMoon New Member

    If I where there and I already had my dog before the ban you can bet your boots they would be taking me to jail, I would stand for my dog regardless if I was told ahead of time or not about them making a new law if my dog has sat all that time in my yard or in my home and never bothered a soul then my duty as their caregiver would be to stand by them no matter the cost.
    I feel this is heartless and mean and no life Jew or dog should be treated this way ever!
    And it basically is the same ! See that's the thing People feel different things for their dogs than others do and if you do not cherish your dog as much as we do that isn't our fault but we feel they are a part of us some of these dogs are children... how can you take something so dear from someone if it hasn't done anything wrong?
  19. someday

    someday New Member

    I agree it's not on the same level as the Nazi's killing Jews, but in essence..it is the same idea. A reaction to placate people who aren't happy with the current state of affairs. Hitler blamed the economic and social problems of Germany on the Jews as scapegoats.
    and I hate to say..there are pit bulls waiting in lines to be put in gas chambers...many animals control faciliies still use them. and I know they don't get a proper burial. But regardless, I think we all agree it's a terrible thing that's happening and the Nazi-Jew argument probably shouldn't be used when trying to convince city councils, they're trying their hardest to pass you off as a nut in the first place.

    I wrote Colorado reps when they first tried to put this through...guess I've got some more writing to do..

    As for having a plan...we have one in place. Annie will be driven down to my parents house in Texas where it's against state law to have BSL, but of course...some cities have some of their own...and as soon as we have everything in order up here, we'll move back to Texas and get our dog.
  20. daddyfs

    daddyfs New Member

    it would be hard for us.. i cant jus pick up and go anywhere i want... and i wouldnt trust my friends with my dog.. if i couldnt find a good home for my dog.. i hate to say it but i would have him PTS.. but i would do it myself (take him to vet). i wouldnt let the state take my dog.. i really have no reallistic choice

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