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I was browsing Petsmart.com....

Discussion in 'All other pets' started by darkrabbit213, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. darkrabbit213

    darkrabbit213 New Member

  2. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    That's really neat!

    I'm sure it could be used full time If you think about it if you put a bottom and top on it it's the same as a wire cage.
  3. sakura.seppun

    sakura.seppun New Member

    Its great for playtime, and yeah, I don't see why you couldn't use it. It would be a cheaper way to obtain a large cage.
    Though if you're okay with that kind of setup, you should look into making one yourself. It would be cheap and its pretty simple. It's also satisfying to see the fruits of your labor.
    Besides you shouldn't give any money to Marshall Farms if you can help it. They are a terrible breeder, ferrets and basset hounds, with barely tolerable conditioning for their animals. Their negelect has led to a lot of animal deaths. Also, they are really a "farm" for labs. They just go ahead and sell some of their "stock" to pet stores. Their animals are unhealthy and their products faulty, at least the food products.
    I believe super pets makes something similar.
  4. Shineillusion

    Shineillusion New Member

    What you're looking at is an exercise pen that doggy people have been using for years. If you go to a dog show, you'll see them in all sorts of sizes and configurations.

    The ones made by Midwest are particularly nice and sturdy, and you can get the pans for the bottom as well as covers for the top. You can even get a puppy playpen that have wire grates over the pans.

    Shop around. Look at other online catalog sites, like Pet Edge or Ryans.
  5. Mockingcat

    Mockingcat New Member

    The rescue I work with actually suggests these instead of cages for bunnies. :) For the bottom, we reccomend going to Target and getting a picnic blanket. (They're fuzzy on one side, and lined on the bottom so that if your bunny pees it doesn't make it through to the carpet)
  6. sakura.seppun

    sakura.seppun New Member

    That's a really good idea, actually. Or you could by some linoleum tile and glue it onto some plywood. It would be easy to clean since you're having trouble litter training right now.

    But the picnic blanket idea is great.

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