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I watched "who gets the dog"

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by honeybears, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    After bashing the program here when it was announced I had to see what it is about, if it would change my mind. At first I thought maybe I was wrong, they only stay with the families 24 hours. I was thinking like a week, but then it went down from there for the following reasons

    they make each family try to teach the dog tricks the one day they are there, I think they they need to give a better overview of the dog at the shelter.

    And they dont give any advice to the people on how to introduce their existing dogs to Stella

    here is a recap

    Host goes to shelter and picks out Stella. she is a pretty all white pit/boxer? mix about a year old and full of energy and love!

    the 3 families are:
    husband/wife with house big backyard and a 6 mo old hound mix

    2 woman livnig in an upstairs apt with a 10 year old chow mix

    2 men living in a condo with a 5 year old JRT, their 16 year old recently passed away

    husband and wife try to teach Stella to hug them and kick a soccar ball thru a goal post

    2 girls have to teach her to sit and do the soccar

    and the 2 men try to teach her to chase her tail and eat a treat from her nose :( they are holding her muzzle closed, she wasnt happy
    not to mention I hthink she had a fear of men, she was very timid around them and hid under the bed.

    the 2 men bring their JRT into their home while Stella is there (not in a neutral spot) and the JRT attacked her, so they withdrew

    I thought it very demeaning for her to be put in 3 homes in 3 days trying to teach her stupid tricks for points, she is in unknown surroundings with unknown people :roll:

    she ended up with the first couple, Stella and their puppy got along great and she has a huge backyard to play in.
  2. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    That's ridiculous! Poor doggie. It is very difficult to teach a scared dog tricks. Any dog new to a home should be allowed to settle in before people start trying to train it. Sheesh. I guess they had to do something to make it "interesting" for the viewers. Some people will watch anything. :|
  3. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    Jimiya, it was so sad, the 2 men had wrapped a pink bandana around her tail to try to get her to chase it.

  4. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    Swell. I suppose it's time to write letters again. Remember the sugary auto-reply we all got last time? :?
  5. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    A follow-up on Stella:

    I am still looking for a feedback e-mail addy or something.
  6. ChinookLover89

    ChinookLover89 New Member

    that is so sad! I watched that episode too and thats crazy that that family gave her up because people mistook her for a Pit Bull. She was a really sweet dog from what i could see and thought she was adorable.
  7. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    :( :( :( :( ah poor Stella! And the thing is she looked more like another breed than pit, you couldsee it a little, you know if the people cant take the heat they shouldnt sign up. I am glad she found what sounds like a better forever home. As for the licking, she did that a lot :D, zeroed right on their faces

  8. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    At some point, the staff of the show will realize they can't adopt all of the dogs that don't work out in their new homes, due to not enough care being taken in the selection of these families. I suppose it's no worse than most shelters, though. There's a basic questionnaire, but no way to tell if the people are actually good owners or not.
  9. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    the staff that adopted her is the one that picked her for the show I wonder if he felt guilty, because he did choose her and maybe not thinkng of the stigma of the possibly having pit in her., and how people will react. I guess this will change the type of dogs they they choose in the the future.

    you can be all smiles and loving for the camera, but then things can change.

    what also bothered me is the couple they picked kept saying they wanted a playmate for their pup to keep her company. Almost like they wanted a dog sitter, not that they wanted another dog to love and take care of they never said "they wanted another dog" There is a big difference between the 2.

    I am on a roll and

    the girl couple they looked like they would have been great except for their older dog, BUT they live in an upstairs apt.

    I have nothing against people living in apts with dogs, but this is a TV program finding the best fit for the dog, not vice verca. Stella is a very active mid-size puppy that needs a lot of excercise and roaming
    so I dont think they did very good on screening applicants.
  10. ChinookLover89

    ChinookLover89 New Member

    And also the girl couple both had acting and modeling careers. So what would happen if their careers took them to where they HAD to put the dogs in a kennel? Alos they were roomates there would always be the question of that would happen to the dog when the time came to seperate ways.
  11. seaecho

    seaecho New Member

    Boy, is that ever true! "You can be all smiles and loving in front of the camera, but then things can change." I wish it weren't that way, since you never REALLY know how someone is going to treat a dog in the long run. This is why I stopped breeding German Shepherds many years ago. The fact that there were too many homeless dogs, but especially because people are often NOT what they appear to be. I'd finally sell a pup to someone who I interviewed and checked out thoroughly, and then all kinds of things would happen later on. I got several pups back within a year, in terrible condition. One guy kept his pup in the garage, and cut her down to two meals a day to "cut down on the mess she makes." Another didn't keep up with the vaccines and his pup got parvo, another pup swallowed a nail and died during surgery.

    Anyway, I only caught the tail-end of the show, and had no idea what that poor dog had to go through in one day! To have three different parties try to teach it tricks in one day is inexcusable. It seems like no one was thinking about the DOG'S feelings! Was this show supposed to be for the dog's benefit? The stress that poor thing had to endure! Its bad enough to be given up by the owner you love - but to then be subjected to all these people trying to force you to do things you don't feel like doing, and then be introduced to other dogs too, all in the same day - its way too much. There oughta be a law!
  12. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    Oh for pete's sake. Gee, if I don't feed the baby, I won't have to change diapers! Good idea!! :roll:
  13. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    I actually saw parts of this one. I thought it was ridiculous. I saw a few minutes with the first family and with the girls. I didn't see the third ones. The first family seemed ok with the dog . But the girls, I really didn't like the way they handled Stella. I can't remember what they did but it was like they didn't know how to handle a dog (I didn't see or hear anything about their dog). But they just seem to click together, did anyone else notice that?
    I didn't see the tail chasing thing (which I think is a retarded trick) but I think that is funny they were trying to teach that, when this week on Dog whisperer (my first time watching that too!) he was teaching a dog not to chase his tail!
    Hearing that Stella was placed with the other person makes my paprnoid side come out and think that really they just sent her back to another pund humane society or some other random ending, I doubt any from the show took her (not that she wasn't a cutey or well behaved) but I think that would be something they tell people so that they think everything goes fine in the end. Does that makes sense?
  14. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    "didn't see the tail chasing thing (which I think is a retarded trick) but I think that is funny they were trying to teach that, when this week on Dog whisperer (my first time watching that too!) he was teaching a dog not to chase his tail! "

    exactly, thats not a trick you want to teach, but trying to stop

    Lil, if you go to animal plansets web site, it chronicle how she is doing in the new owners home (the staff) but like someonelse said, they cant keep taking animals that dont work out

    "But they just seem to click together, did anyone else notice that?"
    yes, they reminded me of the bobsy twins

    Oh Saecho, something i havnt thoguth of since I have never bred dogs, but wondering if they went to good homes and find out they didnt

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