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I'm a new Maltipoo mom and would like to talk with others

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by Elizabeth, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth New Member

    Hello, My name is Elizabeth. I am in Ohio and recently got a 7 month old male Maltipoo. My poodle died 2 years ago of heart complications and this time i decided to try a poo mix because i wanted something with the "hybrid vigo" due to the health problems we experienced with our poodle in the past and I wanted something a little bigger than a toy since, this time, we have children. when my husband and I bought our toy poodle, it was just us so this time we were looking for more of a family dog. Sugar(maltipoo) came to us from a home w/ and infant and 3 yr old who he was close to and he is a 10 lbs so just exactly what we were looking for. The first time i saw Sugar, I knew he was perfect for us. he loves the kids and us. The funny thing about him is he never barks or growls at us but everytime he sees a "stranger" he growls kind of under his breath and barks anytime someone knocks at the door so I guess he is a little protective. I would love to hear from other maltipoo owners. I am also having a dilema about grooming him. I always groomed my poodle on my own in a fancy poodle cut but with Sugar, I am just not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated. I am about to just take him to a groomer to try to figure out. I will post pics soon.
  2. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    Hi & welcome!! =P~

    I'm not a Maltipoo owner but wanted to stop in to say hello anyway! I have two female Shih-Poos named Molly & Emma & they are my babies! :mrgreen:

    I wanted to comment on the growling thing.. my girls do not bark either (unless they are playing with eachother). One of their favorite things to do is to sit on the back of our couch and watch out the window. When they see someone coming up our driveway (they don't do it to people jogging by etc.), they growl.. it's so soft and under breath but they are letting us know! Emma will sometimes let out a mini bark after the growl and it's the funniest thing! Anyway, you made me think of my girls when you explained how Sugar reacts :D

    There are many Maltipoo owners here, I'm sure they'll pop in soon!
  3. HebertRT

    HebertRT New Member

    Hello and welcome!!! I'm a maltipoo owner! Laci is 8-1/2 months old and does that same low growl and sometimes follows with a small bark :p She sleeps in her crate at night and if she needs to get out, that's how she lets me know. Too funny! I take Laci to the groomer (the last job was horrible!) I think I've found a good one now to try so we'll see on the next haircut. I like getting Laci's hair cut to about 1-1/2 to 2 inches long all over and her face cut so the hair is not covering her eyes or hanging in her mouth. I have seen some maltipoos with cropped tails (like a poodle) but Laci's is not and I am so glad that she has the full flowing tail like a maltese -- it makes her look really girly! We absolutely adore our little baby and she has fit in our family perfectly. She's everything I was looking for and more. I know that you'll enjoy having a maltipoo in your family! Good luck and post pictures!!!!!!!
  4. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth New Member

    thanks for sharing. I am sorry if it seemed like i am looking ONLY for maltipoo owners, I love them all! I love that they dont shed and the personality of poo mixes. I also love my little terrier, Lucy. I am just really into small dogs. My husband grew up w/yorkies and poodles(his mother is a show breeder) and I grew up with beagles(dad's hunting dogs)
    after our poodle died, my mother in law offered to give me a poodle or yorkie but they are just too small for us w/ a 5 and 7 yr old and everything. The kids are great w/them at her house but we just wanted something not so fragile and a little bigger than 5 lbs. Sugar is doing great we have had him a week today and he acts like he has known us forever he goes with me every morning to take the kids to school and get them. Sugar is a little protective but honestly, I like it because it shows he cares. Our poodle was extremely protective and actually DID attack, it just was never serious considering he was 4 lbs and he was very spoiled being the only child for 3 yrs. the people we got sugar from said he spends most of his time in his crate but he has not spent one second in it since he has been here and has not marked (which was a major reason they are getting rid of him) Anyway, i feel alot safer having a little guard dog around to let me know if someone is around also since my husband works late (General manager of our local Cassanos) and is in the Army National Guard and gone sometimes. I am a part time preschool teacher who only works 3 days a week so I have a lot of time w/ the kids and dogs too.
  5. azsunlover

    azsunlover New Member

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I am the proud owner of a 6 month old maltipoo female named HONEY.
    I got her in July when she was just 2 1/2 months old. Actually I went to buy a Bichon for my birthday. I had been dogless since I had to put my 14 year old Cocker Spaniel to sleep in March and I was so lonesome for a dog. Well I picked my Bichon and while they were getting her ready to travel, I saw this other litter of the most darling puppies and asked what they were. I was told they were maltipoos. I picked this one up...and I never put her down. When they brought the Bichon back to me, I told them.."I'm taking this one too". I am so glad I did too, as now I find that the Bichon is a needy type dog, and she would have wanted me by her side at all times. Her name is Sugar, so I now have two sweet puppies. They have so much fun playing and are happy to stay out in the fenced backyard for a good part of each day, weather permitting, just running and playing together and then sleeping on their pillow bed.

    My biggest problem is housetraining them. Both seem not to fully make the connection about only pottying outside. I keep them crated at night and they are fine all night, and I can leave them crated for short times during the day and they will not potty there. But if I leave them out of the crate, enclosed in the kitchen, they will potty if they feel the need, even if they have been left for just a short time. They have me trained to take them outside every hour or so, since I am home with them all the time, but they are trained..just me. YIKES.

    But I love them both dearly. :eek: They are both to go in to be spayed this coming week. I am a worried Mom. But I think they will be ok.

    I would attach a picture of the two of them but I can't seem to figure out if I can do that on this page. If you send me your e-mail address I will send you a darling picture of them together.
  6. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    MArgo, if you want to email a picture to me I can see about posting it for you. I'll P.M. you with my addy.
  7. Maltipoomama

    Maltipoomama New Member

    Hi Elizabeth! I am a maltipoo owner of three, Gracie, my girl, and Sammy and Lyle, my boys. They are the light of my life, and keep me sane in an unsane world of business ownership! They go to work with me everyday, and the customers love them!!!

    The potty training was difficult for both Sammy (very immature) and Lyle (very defiant in this area!). But, Like you said, love them all and I am sure that Lyle will conform to what he is suppose to be doing. I have to be on him all the time, but I will win!!!

    They are all very protective of our home, but the worst they would do to anybody is lick them to death! They do the low growl, but Gracie has a very high pitched, poodle like bark, and uses it well! Then, she gets the other 2 going.

    I spoil them rotten with anything I can get my hands on, from toys to beds! I love the bichons too... they were my second choice... although, I have had my 3 babies long enough now, I just enjoy everyone elses bichons!

    Welcome to the boards!

  8. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    Hello Elizabeth... and welcome to the board!!! Can't wait to see pics of your maltipoo :) I have a shihpoo, Bailey, who was a year old in May.
  9. rlepore

    rlepore New Member

    I have a 6 mo old maltipoo that I got in late June. I love him to death, but he has been hard to potty train. His name is Chewy because he chews on everything :)

    He growls when he thinks he is in danger. If he is woken up suddenly and doesn't know what is going on, he will growl. He will also growl at night if he hears something. He is VERY protective of me and my husband. He will bark and growl if he thinks we are in danger, too.

    I have had similar issues with grooming. You basically have to decide if you want a poodle or maltese look. After that, it makes it easier to tell the groomer what look you want. We learned the hard way that just saying "puppy cut" doesn't usually give a groomer specific enough direction, and we have ended up with some horrid cuts. My advice is to try out different groomers until you find one that understands what you want.

    Good luck!

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