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In Need of help to locate feline lymphnodes

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by MylittleAnnie, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. MylittleAnnie

    MylittleAnnie New Member

    HI Everyone,
    Just about a month ago i found out that my cat has FIV ( Feline Immundeficiency Virus) , since then i have been reading up on what to expect and what can be done etc.. In a few of the articles i read that the onset of the disease becoming active can first be seen by her lymphnodes swelling up and becoming very obvious , however i have no idea where the lymphnodes would be ... are they just located in her throat ? Or are the other places where lymphnodes would be located and i should keep an eye on ?

    If anyone can help me with this i would extremely appreciate it :)
  2. nern

    nern New Member

    Apparently, there are five external lymph nodes. This site has photos of the 5 areas to check. You'll have to scroll down to the section "External Lymph Nodes":

  3. MylittleAnnie

    MylittleAnnie New Member

    nern, Thank you soooo much for your help :) You have no idea how much i appreciate this :) that link is awesome and extremely helpful.

    I have been to quite a few vets here and have asked for advice on numours things concerning FIV including the lymphnodes but my questions and concerns are always swept underneath the table and i get a: " You shouldn't worry yourself too much, the only thing you can do is wait and see until new symptoms occur and then treat those symptoms" Or a " there is no treatment or cure for FIV, you should just euthanize your cat in order to spare her the pain and problems to come"
    It infuriates me so i went to look for help in articles and on sites online but most are just general , explaining the disease and stages and symptoms but not what check ups to make to keep on top of it all or what nutritional changes etc...
    So you have just helped me immensely .. THank you so very much :)
  4. nern

    nern New Member

    Your welcome. I think its great that your doing your own research on the disease. I would be infuriated with answers like that from a vet as well. Best wishes to you and your kitty.
  5. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member


  6. MylittleAnnie

    MylittleAnnie New Member

    Thank you so much for all the good wishes Vanessa and lynnhaz :) I really appreciate it :)

    Annie is doing really good at the moment. Almost makes me think it was all just a bad dream ...if only.. Hopefully she'll still have at least a few more happy healthy years before the disease surfaces and until then i'll keep chasing her around the house like she wants me to ..lol.. She loves to play like that . that or kicking a toymouse back and forth between her and me ..lol.. she's such a little rascal :wink:

    Anyway i am rambling..lol.. thank you all so much for the help and the good wishes :) *hugs* and btw those are some beautyfull kitties you both have :) absolutely gorgeous :D
  7. nern

    nern New Member

    Thanks. I assume that is Annie under your user name, she is beautiful.
  8. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member

    shes beautiful on the outside and inside!! :eek:

  9. vene

    vene New Member

    I wish you and Annie well. You sound very informed of Annie's situation and she's in good hands!:m24: I just adore her name and she looks like a sweetpea! :m10:

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