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In search of a couple of good mates for 2 small goldfish

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by LJ, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. LJ

    LJ New Member

    I have a young friend who has 2 small goldfish in a 7 litre tank. 1 is a black moor and the other an orange fantail. Althought they are about 6cm long(less the tails) and still very cute, they are looking rather fat and dont have much room to move about. We recently bought him a larger tank(27L) and it has been cycling for 3 days, with about 3 litres from my fish tank and the rest is new water. Is 7 days enough time before he puts the fish in there, and what could be a couple of bottom dwellers to go with them in the fututre?How long should he wait before he introduces these?He also has a betta fish in a very small tank, about 1 1/2 L, which the shop told him was big enough for the betta, but I have to say it doens't look healthy. I dont know enough about bettas, but would it be ok for him to put it in the old tank where the goldfish are in currently?It has a small inside filter and we can put in it what ever will make the betta more comfortable. Could we have some advise please. :?:
  2. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    27 liters (7 gallons) isn't even big enough for a single goldfish let alone 2 and some more fish.

    Also, unless you're adding ammonia to his tank, you are not cycling it. And just adding water from your tank isn't going to do anything since it contains very little bacteria.

    I suggest you read the following article on cycling and if your friend wants to keep the 2 goldies, he's going to need at least a 113 liter (30 gallon) tank (those little 6cm goldies are going to get around 15cm (not including the tail).

    Also, 1.5 liters (.4 gallons) is way too small for a betta. They really need at least 7.5 liters (2 gallons), but 11 - 19 liters (3 - 5 gallons) would be much better.


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