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Intro from new Pom owner

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by Jblack, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. Jblack

    Jblack New Member

    Our family adopted a 1 1/2 year old Pom named Bear one week ago. Bear is a quiet little dog that was used as a stud by a breeder. He is a dark brown color and weighs about 5 1/2 pounds. He is housebroken, affectionate, gets along with our very large older dog, and is a delight to have as part of our family.

    Bear has one odd trait, he is completely silent. He isn't deaf as he comes when he is called and reponds to noises. The breeder says she trains all her poms to not bark. I want him to have a voice. All my other dogs communicated verbally in one way or another. They sigh, they whine, they bark, there are a whole range of sounds that they use to communicate with. Bear uses only body language. Any suggestions on how to let him know it's OK to make noise?

    My husband didn't think we needed another dog and said he thought I was suffering from the "empty nest syndrom". I agreed that I probably was and reminded him that when I went through it 20 years ago we ended up adopting three children who have since grown up. He never said another word and is thrilled with our new little dog *giggle*

    I'm happy to find other small dog owners here. I've had large dogs all my life so this is a new experience for me.

    I know that Bear is getting comfortable with us because he stretches out in the middle of the living room floor now instead of hiding under the coffee table. He is also jumping into our laps when he feels like cuddling.

    I've been doing a lot of research and I've read conflicting things on the internet so I'll be looking for answers from all of you to my many questions. I'll start with this one. How often should I brush Bear? I've been doing it every day, mainly to get him used to me and to the brush. He was clipped for the summer so it isn't actually necessary. He seems to like it now and stretched right out and fell asleep today while I was gentling brushing him with a soft brush.

  2. cosmicpixie

    cosmicpixie New Member

    Wow I would be estatcic if my pom mix never barked. But I understand about it being troubling. And I'm not even sure how to go about untraining something like that. But I can answer your grooming question. Maya is a pom-a-poo, but she's more like a giant pom (she's a womping 19 lbs and 17 inches at the shoulder). So we have the pom hair everywhere. We brush Maya every other day. And we use a grooming rake. It looks just want it sounds like. It has a handle with a wide tooth comb-like brush. Since poms are double coated it will get down to the second undercoat and help get all the loose hair off of him. We tried the pin brushes with the balls on the end of the pins, but they kept getting caught in Maya's hair and pulling. And we take her to the groomers once a month to get a good bath and they use the force-air blow dry on her and definately gets out all the extra hair. We don't cut Maya's hair so its still very long. Most importantly, we need pictures!!!! You're Bear sound like my sister-in-law's Malik(she breeds poms) I would love to see pictures of him!
  3. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    :shock: Well that'll teach me to drink and read posts at the same time!!!!Let me compose myself....and clean the soda of my screen then I might be able to help you out.....

    Okay, sorry about that....in over 20 years I have never heard anyone ask how to make a pom more vocal.!!!

    In all seriousness, I had a cocker mix a few years back that never made a sound for a couple of years, he'd had a head trauma and wasnt 'quite with it', that changed though the night someone tried to break into our house, he barked like a Rottwieller and even scared me. He then went quiet again but I taught him a couple of tricks, using food, I started when he sneezed one day, I copied him making like a sneeze noise (kind of like a huffing sound) and kept saying "sneeze", he got treats when he did it, took a while but eventually he would 'sneeze' on cue, I did the same with the bark, used the word 'speak' I had to make 'woof' sounds even howling noises, then every time even the slightest sound came out of him he'd get a treat (usually small pieces of chicken or beef...something tasty), I didnt do this as a 'specific' training session, just incorporated it with playtime, get on teh floor, play with a ball or something with the dog, get the excited first, I cant gaurantee itll work but its worked with a couple of dogs Ive had (only the cocker mix was totally silent though).
    Right now I have a mix breed from a shelter, shes been with me for 2 weeks and the only sound from her is she just this week started to whine a little whn she wants to go out, other than that no barking, growling, howling....personally as Im living in an apartment Im not going to do anything to change that.
  4. Jblack

    Jblack New Member

    Thanks for the tips and another question.

    I never heard of a grooming rake but I'll certainly look for one. I've been brushing Bear every day to get him used to me. When he gets all his hair back I guess I'll switch to every other day. My older big dog needs to get brushed regularly, so it is no big deal to add the little one while I'm at it.

    I will try to figure out how to upload pictures soon. Cosmicpixie, your pom mix sounds beautiful :)

    I'm trying to encourage our little Bear to make sounds. He now makes a kind of grunting noise when he gets excited (like when it's time to go for a walk). You would not believe this little guy. He actually sits and waits quietly while I put his collar and leash on him! He is such a well behaved dog. I think part of it is his nature, and the rest is some darn good training. I just want him to be free to be himself.

    Ok, next question. How much should I expect Bear to eat? Is a cup too much, a half a cup? I always gave my large dogs table scraps, particulary meat. They love it. Is that ok for a little dog as well?

    I brought a treat home for both dogs today. My big dog got an extra large rawhide bone and Bear got a bag of tiny ones. Of course they each wanted the other ones bone. Bear couldn't eat the big bone, he could only lick it, and Willy ate Bear's in one glup. I can see that I need a better system for treats rofl.

    By the way, Willy is a Newfoundland/retreaver mix, a very gentle dog. He and Bear have become best buddies and look so funny and cute together.

    DeLaUK, I had a Cocker mix when I was a little girl. His name was Butch and he was one of the most wonderful dogs in the world. I have many fond memories of him. I was an only child, so he was the closest thing to a sibling I had. We shared a bedroom, and the back seat of the car when we went on trips.

    I know what you mean about dogs barking when the time is right. Our Willy isn't a barker, welcomes guests with tag wagging. One day someone came to the door that he didn't like and he turned into Cujo. It scared me too. He actually ripped the blinds off a glass door trying to get at this person. I ran out of the room, did not answer the door, and waited until the person decided to leave before daring to approach my own dog, who was back to being his pleasant layed back self. Willy is 12 and it is the only time he ever acted like that. I trusted his intincts.

    Thanks again, I look forward to learning so much more from everyone.

  5. Jblack

    Jblack New Member

    Bear found his voice :)

    :eek: I know you all think I'm silly, but I am delighted to report that our little guy found his voice. He sounds just fine, too. He greets me in the morning now with excited little yips, and lets me know when he wants to come in (we have a nice large play area attached to the house).

    Once Bear figured out that it was OK to make a little noise he seemed to relax in other areas as well. He is a bit more playful, he leaps into your lap now when he wants to cuddle, and he is eating better, plus he is eating his little doggie bones that he wouldn't touch before.

    I used the tip about the sneeze. It worked!

    Thanks so much,
  6. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    Congratulations :eek:

    Sounds like hes settled in.

    My rescue thats now been with me for 3 weeks has just discovered that if she scratches at the crate and whines a little at 4am 'daddy' gets up and gives her a treat :shock: ....

    I knew Id have a harder time training him than the dog!!!!!
  7. Jblack

    Jblack New Member

    Thanks for the support

    Sounds like your new family member has Daddy figured out :lol: Willy, our large dog, barks every time my dil comes over. He knows she will dig into the dog bones and give him a treat.

    It is so rewarding to rescue a dog and bring him into the family. Puppies are wonderful, of course...but there is something special about forming a relationship with a dog who really needs you. They become such faithful friends.

    I found a dog grooming rake online and ordered it. It should be in this week. Just in time, too. Bear's hair is growing back and he is starting to look more like his name every day.

    Thanks again for the support,
  8. cosmicpixie

    cosmicpixie New Member

    That's great. I'm glad that Bear has relaxed and realized that your's is his forever home. The grooming rake will come in handy! Believe me. It gets a lot more hair of Maya than any other brush we ever used. We also use Uni-Coat. Its like a spray in conditioner. It helps keep her shiny and work out the mats she gets in her hair. We use it in between baths sometime or when we have company to make her look nice. Again, I'm glad that Bear has made himself at home. Keep up posted.
  9. pomlover

    pomlover New Member

    Glad to hear that Bear is coming around. Do you have pics of him yet? I have two Poms and love them dearly!! I have Lacie who is a blue Pom who is a 1 1/2 yr. old female and Hunter who is a 9 1/2 month old cream male.

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