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Is it too cold for Rosco?

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by papillon/mom, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. papillon/mom

    papillon/mom New Member

    It has been getting colder, and colder by the day here. Sunday and Monday were down in the low teen's. Rosco has been doing very, very well with his potty training. Sunday, Rosco went outside with Max, and hubby was out there with them, all of a sudden Rosco climbs up the stairs to get in and started yelling (he really yells) I was in the kitchen and dashed promptly of course. When I got out there he ran right in, he was cold. Then yesterday morning when I went to take him out, he walked out and ran right back in, he wouldn't go out, Max was doing his duties, he still wouldn't go out. So then at lunch time hubby went home to let them out, he went out and peed real quick, then came right back. When hubby got home he took them out again, and the little stinker wouldn't go out again. I came home and he peed right in front of me on the rug, I told him no, outside, he went in his bed right away (he knows). Then last night after I came home from school, I let them out again, Rosco went to go pee then ran right back in, then I took a shower, got out and he pooped on my rug. So I told him no again, now this morning he did both, so I will see.

    Anyways, long story huh? I am just wondering if anyone thinks that maybe he can not handle the cold? Max is fine, Rosco is only 5 lbs, and is a lot smaller than Max, but what do I do. Hubby says I should get some boots for him, what do you think? I know a lot of shipoos are small like Rosco & Max so has anyone encountered this, or has a helpful hint for this? Thanks. :wink:
  2. LucyLu

    LucyLu New Member

    Maybe you could try to buy home some boots and a sweater and see if that helps. If not, there is always the litterbox option. Just line a litterbox (or smiliar shaped container) with newspaper, puppy pads, litter, or whatever you choose to use, and try to get him to go potty in there.

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