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itchy foot inbetween the toes

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by TweetyBirdBusterBlue, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. my dog is an English Springer Spainel, and lasty she has been biting at her foot in between her toes, and when i give her a bath i wash in between then and wash them out very good, to see if that helpped but it didnt, her dog food now is Dog Chow, (she's been on the chow ever since she was a pup) and on [Edit] there message board was sayign its because of the dog food, and i just wanna make sure before my mom has to go out and buy some other food, because our last dog we had (golden x black lab) was very picky of what she ate! and we dotn want that to happen again, (although we could just give it to the animal shelter if she doesnt like it) but yeah what do you think? could it be the poor nutition of that dog food her being allergic to it?
  2. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    It could be an allergic reaction to the food, but you should take her to the vet to make sure. Alot of labs and golden retrievers get spots where they like to chew and itch for different reasons. One is called hot spots, although I know nothing about that, I have only heard of it.
  3. yeah thats what the other people said, i just wanted to make sure before we bought some new food, my other dog (goldie the golden x lab)
    just wouldnt eat any other kind! i just wanna make sure before Brittney (the springer i have now) isnt going to be like that, oh and Goldie never had any kinds of those problems, just an ear infection
  4. Silka

    Silka New Member

    Hi Tweety, maybe grass seeds? Ive been having a lot of that trouble, they get embedded between the paws. Now Ive seen another vet, this one says dermatitis Ugh.
  5. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    Dog Chow is an extremely poor food, so whether it is causing the problem or not, it wouldn't hurt to switch to a better food. :)
  6. thats what i heard.. justwanted to get a 2nd opioin, thanks! any suggestions on what kind to get? nothing too expensive and a kind you guys tink she will like! ill tell about her so it will be easy! lol well she is a English Springer Spaniel so she is very hyper, loves to be outside, loves any kind of food she can eat! umm.. shes the runt of the litter so she's small, and during the winter she is fat, but during the summer she's a healthy weight! (we have a pool that she swims in, and during the winter nobody wants to stay out for a long period of time since its really cold) we do make her come in when we think its too cold for her! (we often have to carry her in because she wont come in lol) she's very smart and stubborn, umm.. she does ware down her teeth because of the rocks she plays with so her teeth arnt all the sharp! and she gets gas as well if its chewy! lol
  7. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    You could try Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul - that one's not as pricey as most. If that's still too much, probably Diamond would be better than Dog Chow.

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