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Keet sub-species??? and other things I'd like to talk about

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by Patrick'sKeets, May 10, 2004.

  1. Patrick'sKeets

    Patrick'sKeets New Member

    I get the impression tat there are types of keet's, set by color. Were do I get info w/ pics so I can see what I've got. There nice looking birds, got them about 5 weeks ago, but they're about a year old. One is mostly white, with some blue and the other is green/yellow. They're still afraid of us although I can get them to eat spray millet from my hand when I hold it out for them. They come out of the cage but seem very disorianted and not sure where it's safe to land. I open the cage at the same time every morning (10am) and give them 'til noon to make an appearance. If they aren't out by then, I close 'em up for the day. They also won't try anything other than the'yre normal diet. No fruit or egg for example. I keep offering knowing that eventually it'll happen. I did get Dime (grn/ylw) to nibble on a grahm cracker, but I think she was more or less biting it cause it made her nervous as I was holding it up for her. Please share some stories w/ me so I know how other birds live, and please help me figure out more about the sub-species.

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