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Kitten constipation?

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by brysonpare, May 24, 2004.

  1. brysonpare

    brysonpare New Member

    My kitten can't poop. It is 2-3 weeks old and is being nursed from a bottle. When he tries to have a bowel movement only a very small amount in liquid form comes out. I'm talking enough to fill the area between these parentheses ( ). He walks around crying and struggles to have a bowel movement. When he tries to poop or he poops just that little bit, his anus becomes distended. He hasn't had a regular bowel movement in hours and seems to refuse his bottle now. What do I do?
  2. moose

    moose New Member

    are you stimulating him to have bowel movements and to urinate?? if not, you need to be doing so -- he's too young to do this by himself at this point.

    get a warm, wet, soft washcloth and gently rub his anus to stimulate him to go.

    also, don't be looking for hard or formed stool from him at this point -- since he's on the bottle it's just going to be very liquidy.

    you may even want to go buy some baby wipes -- i like to use these instead of washcloths because they are gentler.
  3. brysonpare

    brysonpare New Member

    I've been stimulating his anus since I got him. However, he seems to be laboring to defecate and his anus seems prolapsed now. He passes feces but there is very little, so I'm not sure if he's only partially constipated or something. What should I do?
  4. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    if hes rectum is prolapsed you should take him to a vet.
  5. fleafly

    fleafly New Member

    Try giving him some canned pumpkin. If that doesn't help he needs to go to the vet. The same thing happened to my hand raised orphan when she was about 3 weeks. I took her to the vet and they were going to give her an enema except she struggled so much when they were trying to handle her that she actually pooped! He could get really sick if he doesn't poop soon, so better safe than sorry.
  6. rachek

    rachek New Member

    You may need to take it to the vet and find out if it is worms. I have a girl cat Callie who has had many kittens. I've noticed the ones that have been diagnosed with having worms, when they are that small, their butt is sort of pooched out. My question is does it look healthy?

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