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kitten w/strange deep sleep-question?

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by Joan, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Joan

    Joan New Member

    I have a new kitten, he is 4 months old. Both my husband and I noticed something with this new kitten that we have never experienced before with our previous cat. When he is in a deep sleep and sometimes dreaming-he will jerk his leg or move around or sometimes it looks like he is trying to meow-which is ok. We had that with our other cat too, when he would dream sometimes. If he looks like he is having a bad dream, fighting, I will try to wake him up. My other cat woke right up, even before I got to him sometimes. This new kitten sometimes does not wake right up. We both experienced situations where we had to actually lift the kitty up to wake him up. He is in such a deep sleep, he does not even open his eyes. He then finally wakes up. I have noticed this twice now. And yesterday, he was in a deep sleep and he opened his eyes up and looked at me for a few seconds. He then closed his eyes again. I tried to wake him up, and again, had to lift him up to wake him up. He also does not really know his name yet. So when I call his name to wake him up he does not respond. Has anyone else experienced this with their kitten? This only happens when he is in a deep sleep. He is a healthy, very active kitty.
  2. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    Some animals (just like some people) go into a very deep sleep and are hard to wake up. Some awake with the slightest noise or movement. While others don't. As long as your kitty is healthy I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. fleafly

    fleafly New Member

    I would just let him sleep through his dream. My dogs make movements and noise in their sleep and sometimes my cats do too. They usually stop in a few minutes and are fine. My cats are extremely difficult to wake up too. I just let them keep sleeping and they are fine.
  4. nern

    nern New Member

    I have not experienced this with my cats but my dog is a deep sleeper and will often kick, jerk and even do a muffled bark while she is sleeping...I often have to lift her head up to wake her up because tapping her does'nt always work. This usually happens during the night while she is in my bed and if it didi'nt wake me up and scare the heck out of me I would just leave her dreaming.
    I don't think you have anything to worry about.
  5. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    thats to funny nern but i know what u mean my cat chyanne does the same thing but she sleeps on my pillow at night and will kick and scratch at my head like shes fighting w/ another cat and ill wake up and look ather and shes passed out and i to have to pick her up b4 she will wake up she also does thsi lil stutter type meow like when a cats sitting in the window and is wathing a bird type thing but she does it soooo loud.... my cat simba does it when he sleeps to but he screams and u can touch him and hes up but sometimes u can go to touch him to wake him up and u can see one eyes just barley open and he will look at u but then just goes back to dreaming....
  6. kristisanchez

    kristisanchez New Member

    My cat will twitch when she is sleeping also. Most of the time she wakes when I sit up or get up .

    But sometimes she is still sleeping when I get out of the shower which makes me worry (this has only happened a few times). But I will go and touch her and sometimes she is in such a deep sleep that she will not wake up right away.

  7. Alkaline

    Alkaline New Member

    I would just let your kitty stay dreaming, it's probably common that they do that. the same thing happens to my dog while she's sleeping but I let her sleep.
  8. kayliface

    kayliface New Member

    Pepi sleeps deep like that.
    Sometimes I poke him and he doesn't even move. I can lift him up and he sometimes doesn't wake up.

    Kayli on the other hand, you blink and she's up and about seeing what's goin on.
  9. joev3486

    joev3486 New Member

    We had a Siamese once who slept so soundly you could put his tail in his ear and he wouldn't wake up. :lol:
  10. Joan

    Joan New Member

    Thanks everyone.

    Chessmind- I didn't think of it that way-I agree.

    fleafly & Alkaline- I usually do just let the little guy sleep. He plays so hard I feel bad about waking him. He's so cute though it's hard not to wake him up to hold lol

    nern, FMgurl43, kristisanchez and kayliface- Yah I think it's a pretty common, normal thing from what I am reading. Thanks.

    joev3486- LOL very funny.


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