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Looking for a Quiet Bird..

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by darkrabbit213, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. darkrabbit213

    darkrabbit213 New Member

    I've been thinking about getting a bird for quite a while, they're just something that I've always wanted, but due to my living situation, I can't have just any bird. Can someone reccomend a quiet bird? I don't mean silent, just not one that squwaks really loudly I love the sound of little tweets. I don't know anything about birds either, I'm new to the whole bird world, so I was also wondering what kind of things I would need to start out with? A cage and food obviously... any help would be much appreciated :wink:
  2. Nameless

    Nameless New Member

    I don't think there are a lot of quite birds available in regular pet shops. I don't even think that there are very quite birds period.
  3. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    LOL. Are you serious?

    Anyway. Darkrabbit, what else do you want in a bird? Do you want to be able to interact with it, or do you just want to watch it?

    Most finches are nice quiet little birds. Zebra finches make little beeping noises. And I have a pair of white headed nuns that make tiny little "pip" noises and sometimes they make a noise that sounds like a bomb being dropped out of a plane, only really quietly. :)

    Finches don't like to interact with you, however. They can only be tamed with great difficulty and often times not at all. If you just want to watch them and hear their little noises, though, they are nice birds (but messy)!
  4. armandndeb

    armandndeb New Member

    I agree finches are the easiest

    I have two soceity finches and they are not noisey birds, just little peeps and the male will sing alittle, but they go to their nest which is there bed at 5pm and thats it for them until morning, I don,t even have to cover them, they make a great pet. I have 4 parakeets and now they are a totally different story, but wonderful pets as well.
  5. darkrabbit213

    darkrabbit213 New Member

    I wouldn't mind either, I would like to have a bird to interact with but also wouldn't mind having a bird just to watch that would be content in it's cage.

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