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Looking for Parvo advice

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by Morrison, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. Morrison

    Morrison New Member

    I have a Parvo situation i could use some advice on . Here goes , the puppy is 4 1/2 mo at 7 weeks his litter contracted parvo 7 of the 10 pups died 3 survived . I received the pup a week ago . He eats and drinks very well , no vomitting . First day he had a normal stool but since then it's been very loose , foul smelling and occasionally has blood in it . It started as red/ orange color but has since turned a peanut butter color . He's not lethargic at all , clear eyed and otherwise normal other than 4-5 loose foul stools .

    Okay i know the first reaction is to take him to a vet but my vet fund is low , we've had several tragidies dog related and it's depleted . If he worsens to the point of being an emergency i will but would prefer treating him here . I've treated him with albon in case it's coccidia but no dice . Never dealt with a parvo case before so i was slow to put him on a bland diet but tomorrow he goes to a homemade boiled chicken and rice with added electrlytes and honey .

    Any advice will be appreciated . Thanks in advance
  2. Morrison

    Morrison New Member

    I'm happy to say the pup is on the mend , no thanks to anyones help or input here . I'll still check back to this board so if anyone has a similar experience i can share what i've learned . Oh and for all you that PM'd telling me i'm cruel for not going to the vet , my vet told me this morning the treatment i gave him was textbook .
  3. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    Glad to hear your pup is doing better. Sorry i wasn't able to assist with advice, I don't check the boards often as school and my dogs and work keep me pretty busy.

    If you suspect parvo, hydration is the key. Electrolytes and fluids. However, vet care is always reccomended.
  4. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Glad to hear the pup is well. I had my first parvo puppy not long ago and I'm still not sure it was parvo or a really bad bacterial infection... He had loose stool I thought due to a change in diet...but because they were so loose I started with forced pedialyte which is just electrolytes... Then as he progressed to vomiting we took him to the vet. The vet came back with a positive parvo test (he'd been recently vaccinated so that could be the reason for positive test) and she wanted us to leave him...but funds being low, we did not. I took him home with some meds...some anti vomit stuff, some antibiotics because infection is common in Parvo pups...and another type of anti vomit/diarrhea stuff.

    I took care of him at home...pretty much nursed him through the problem with hydration and TLC...he was on a bland diet for awhile but we pulled him through.

    Just because you don't take your dog to the vet doesn't mean your "cruel"... You did the same thing a vet would probably have done! If you feel you're capable of handling a situation like that then by all means, you probably are.

    Same pup of mine who got parvo recently broke a foot...well the horse did it, it was pup's fault for not watching out (he'd been doing really well keeping out of their way)... So...I watched him, gave him baby asperine but didn't take him to the vet. He's fine now...not even a limp or deformaty... Sometimes...you don't HAVE to go to the vet but it's always recommended in case some are not as knowledgeable as other. Judgement in this case was premature and obviously incorrect.

    Glad all came out well...

    I too don't check the board often due to work and dogs and whatnot. Glad you are sticking around though.

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