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Lynnhaz Rene wants to say hi

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by vene, May 27, 2004.

  1. vene

    vene New Member

    Rene wants to say hi to Max and play with him since Milo, Pumpkin, and Monty boy ignores her most of the time.
  2. vene

    vene New Member

    Pics are cracked. Let's try again.
  3. vene

    vene New Member

    Sorry Lynn. I'll try again another time. Pics won't show up!
  4. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    Hi Vene. I'm not sure how you are trying to post your pics. I have typed very easy info on how to do it. I hope this helps you.

    Go to www.photoisland.com

    Choose the sign-up free and fill out the membership form. Go to Upload Pictures and use the BROWSE button to browse to where you have the pictures saved on your computer. Choose UPLOAD. On the left side of the screen choose MY ALBUM LIST: Personal (or whatever you named your album) This will display your pictures. click on one. Now on the left choose LINK FOR AUCTION. Copy the URL FOR YOUR PHOTO.

    Now come back to Auspet. In your post click on "[​IMG]" again (after your URL link). Good luck.
  5. halaroo

    halaroo New Member

    Hi Vene. I just noticed in the second post you're missing the : after the http in the url (http://). The last picture in the first post you misspelled island. Don't know what's wrong with the others.

    I assume this is your baby:


    Cute pics, by the way.
  6. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member

    hi vene :eek: . i am so excited...love pictures. your kitties are bee-u-ti-ful. i just love the different colors. what a great contrast. and of course i spotted rene right away. she is gorgeous. she looks like a marbled bengal vs the spotted. max is a marble. i dont know if you know this but my kitty that passed away a couple months ago was orange too. his name was otis. now, is milo the orange tabby in the picture? did you see that movie milo and otis or otis and milo? wasnt that the name? anyway...max wants to talk to you for a sec...hold...MAX! MAX! hold on...here he is....

    can rene come over to play? :shock:

    he is all excited thinking a friend might come play. it's just me and him. so i think he gets bored sometimes. although i dont know how he has time to be bored, he is in that litter box a zillion times a day. still having the diarrhea. but sometimes he just likes to play with the kitty litter and see how far he can propel it into the room!
    here is a picture of otis[​IMG]
  7. footsie

    footsie New Member

    Great detective work harloo!!

    I followed your lead and looked at the url for that second one and found auction missing a letter. I think this is Vene's other pic. It's a good thing that the typos were in the words instead of in the string of numbers.

  8. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member

    okay, that's it. i want those kitties to live with me and max. they are sooooo sweet. what a darling picture. :eek:
  9. vene

    vene New Member

    Oh, I'm so embarrassed. I guess it's not a good idea to read posts and type replies after midnight. I've been sleep deprived lately and thus, bad typos. If it's not my 18 month old toddler fussing, refusing to sleep on time or it's Milo ( the grey one one under the baby's blanket) or Pumpkin begging for food between 4-6AM. The only good kid is Monty Boy the orange/brown and white kitty next to Rene. He never bothers me or beg for anything. He only wants love, love, and more love!!! He is a real gentleman.
    Nice job Footsie + Halaroo! Thanks Chessmind. I can be so silly sometimes. I posted other pics before without any problems. I need to go back to school. This stay at home mom thing is really degrading my brains. Ha ha!
    Lynn, you can take all the kitties except for Monty Boy.
    :mrgreen: Pumpkin is the orange/redhead kitty that is fighting with Rene over the scratching post I put up for them a while back.
    I posted these pics because I know you love pics and me too. Your Otis was gorgeous! And I know you have a soft spot for orange kitties as do we. When we were in Syracuse, NY, I wanted an orange kitty for no reason at all. I was obssessed with the idea. So we rescued one and picked up Pumpkin from the foster parents. It was love at first sight. She purred nonstop. The foster parent Valerie said that many have showed up and looked at her and she only responded to us. We felt honored and we cherish her even though she is needy and grumpy nowadays. She is improving though. The grumpiness started after the birth of our son and has recently stopped. Thank goodness. She finally decided she can co-exist with a silly human baby. Monty was from Clinton,CT from Forgotten Felines. Gotta go, I'll finish the post later.
    Milo and Rene are both from Buffalo,NY. All 4 are very freindly to us. Rene took over the job of being the official house greeter. She's real trouble though but she makes me laugh all the time. Besides destroying our aluminum shades- she bit them for attention, and knocking over flower vases, and destroying our basement wall panel, she does funny things. Yesterday I bought new canned foods. They were ok but inferior to the Wellness ones I usually buy for them. She took a mouthful of food and spit them out. I thought only cats would spit out meds, not food!
    Yes. I saw Milo and Otis. What a fun film! No. We named Milo after the statue Venus de Milo. We got Milo and Venus as a sibling pair in 2000. Now that Venus has passed, we named our new kitty Rene after the tennis player Serena. Rene is nothing like serene. She is frisky!

    Sorry, I'm getting side tracked. How's Max doing? Are there any improvents in the dire-rear dept.? Can you post some of Max's pics? I like to compare their marbled patterns. Rene has bengal spots on her face, legs and belly. They look really neat. She wants Max to come over and visit and yes, she can go over to your place too. Here she is: "meow, meow, Yowl!!!"
  10. nern

    nern New Member

    Awe, all of your kitties are so cute!
  11. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member

    vene...lol :lol: such a funny post. well you have youre hands full! oh my goodness....four kitties and an eighteen month old? :shock: now that is impressive...

    well, otis was almost twenty when he passed away in march. :cry: he was nineteen in that picture. he was like monty boy. really almost the perfect cat. he just did everything right. never irritating, didnt cry much, didnt even go...you know...#2....much. always in the litter pan until this last year (a couple of accidents). we got him in okinawa japan back in 1985 when my (now ex) husband was stationed there in the military. we had an obsession with orange marmalades too. its really too long to go into, i.e. how we found otis, but suffice it to say..it was kinda weird. but they say there are no coincidences... he brought me soooo much love.

    and then there is max...my high maintenence kittie. but he is such a love it makes it all worth it...but such a little monster at times. :roll: like you said about rene...always into something. he now has only one long whisker on one side. lost all of his whiskers by breaking them off cause he is always running and playing with things. it was hysterical today...he was playing, twirling around real fast, and...CONK!....hit his head on the wall. i laughed and laughed. most of my day that is spent with him is laughing, or wiping his butt, cleaning that damn pan. i swear he must have diarrhea at least five times a day or more. i am always cleaning. it is as if he is messing with me, cause just as soon as i clean it...he walks right back in it and the nightmare begins all over again.

    he is now on a new medication. it is a capsule and at first it was okay. i coated it with a little butter so it would slide down his throat. now he is getting a little resistent. oh i will be so glad when this is over. i feel like a wimp...whinin and complaining. jeez...like, get a life lynn....its only one kittie. i mean, pleez...so pathetic. but then...he comes to sit next to me, and takes his little hand sometimes and pats my hand, or put his face right next to mine and kisses me. he really is a loving kitty. here are a couple of pics that i havent posted. [​IMG]
    [​IMG]max says "can rene come over to play?"

    these pics were taken about a month ago. his colors are becoming very vivid now. he is a tricolor and has the "glitter" gene so his coat really glitters in the sun. i will try to take some new pictures. he weighs about 3 and 1/2 lbs. now. :eek: he's catching up!!!
  12. vene

    vene New Member

    Glad to hear Max is doing better! I hope he doesn't have to stay on the new med for too long. When my son was on antibiotics as an infant, he would get severe diarrhea. Nothing helped until he was off of the meds. All my little furbabies had smelly, watery poop and lots of it when they were all kittens. Rene was no exception even though we got her at five months. Things will get better. Their silly antics help pass the bad points though.

    Max is beautiful! Looks like he's got some little friends in the 2nd pic.

    Of all my cats, Rene is definitely the smartest and the most high maintainence child besides my 18 month old. These two are up there with their troublemaking. Looks like they are going to grow up together and be best buddies. Rene is also the smartest of the bunch. Bengals are really extremely intelligent. Isn't it pretty when their coat glitter in the sun? Is Max also a water loving machine? Rene's poop is always wetter than the other 3 and she's a yr old.
    LOL about Max's whiskers and conking his head in the wall. Monty Boy used to do that too when he was a kitten when we played fetch with him. He's better coordinated nowadays. Unfortunately he didn't have brakes on and would smash his nose in the walls or furniture. Now he has a couple of dark spots on his nose from the old injuries as a kitten. I think it's because he lost his whiskers too as a kitten. We are both very blessed to have such loving cats! I look foward to seeing Max's new pictures.
  13. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member

    well...i am really glad that you said that about the anibiotics because when max just went off the amoxil (amoxicillan) and was waiting for them to get this tylan powder in, he didnt take it for a day and a half and towards the end of that time he was going less frequently...so much so that i said something to the vet asst. she said the same thing happened when her kitten went off it. she thought the amoxil made it worse.

    im gonna tell you vene, im not liking this capsule business as the days go by. :mrgreen: at first i think it was novel, and he didnt know what was happening. but now...ugh!! the problem with the capsule is if he happens to bite it, the powder is extremely bitter. my vet was a little concerned that the capsules might not work...too difficult to get down his tiny throat. but...we'll see....

    does rene have funny little sounds that she makes? you know, how bengals have those weird little sounds, growls, chirps, along with the meows. and yes...he is starting to run to the bathroom when i turn the water on. i have heard that some bengals will swim with you in the pool. or play with you in the bathtub or shower. otis used to come in the shower with me. just sit there in the water like nothing was goin on. max now sits outside the shower. i am hoping he will start coming in too. id like to see him swim im a pool!

    Max: "hey rene..can you come over today...and play in the pool with me...?"

    oh here he is right now...brought me a little gift. a little piece of paper. he brings me things all the time. GREAT retriever. even as a little baby. would bring me things half his size. sometimes he carries this kitty tease (on a fishing pole) around the house dragging it behind him. it is so funny. :lol:
  14. vene

    vene New Member

    Poor Max. He's got to swallow all those yukky pills! Hopefully it won't be too much longer. Rene says "ha ha ha, I don't have to take pills!" That's a bad kitty Rene. Be nice.

    Rene is very verbal she meows and yowls and screams sometimes either for attention or even when she's happy. I've never heard her chirp though.

    She is obssessed with water. She'll put her paw in her water bowl and dip it a few times before drinking. She likes to pounce in the tub if I'll let her. I don't want to chase her around the house and dry her off so I never encouraged it. I'm sure it'll be a treat to see Max swimming in a pool. My grandfather's cat was a diver. He caught fish and ate them. Rene though loves water, but won't eat fish. I guess leopards don't eat fish?

    Max is a great hunter and loves to bring mommy presents. Wow, he's even tougher than Rene. Vene was the only one that brought home life prey 2x bigger than her. It's funny about the fishing poles. Monty and Rene would drag them away too!

    Rene says let's play!

    If you have a chance and feel up to it , I'd love to hear about how you acquired Otis!
  15. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member

    hi vene...been meaning to get back to you about otis. well...long, long ago in a land far, far away.... :shock:

    anyway, the story goes...back in 1985, my husband (now ex) and i spent a year in okinawa japan. he was in the marines. well, there are alot of feral cats in okinawa...all really skinny and sorta "nappy-haired" :p
    well...he started talking about wanting a "marmalade tom"...so every time we saw an orange feral cat, we would point it out, but then say..."naw...it's too skinny". this went on for about two months. then one day i came home to the apartment (we lived off base...in a little town) and parked the car in the lot. mark (my ex) was on the balcony of the apt. and yelled "hurry...get up here quick...there is something i want to show you!!" so...i scurried upstairs to the apt. but when i walked in he said "oh no! you missed it! it was an orange marmalade...he was in the apt and just jumped off the balcony!"

    i, being the skeptic, :roll: didnt believe him. and of course he was just messing with me. so then...a couple weeks later, he called me and said "go onto base to my base room....there is something i want you to see...." so i went to his base room, walked in the room and....there....in the middle of the room was....an orange marmalade kitten. :eek:

    in all his glory, just laying there like he owned the place. licking himself in the sun, then getting up...went to the toilet....had a little drink...then back to the sun.

    my ex swears he didnt find him or buy him. he swears to this day that his room was locked. no windows open.

    that little kitten was obviously from a litter that was well taken care of. he was plump and healthy. just adorable

    then, about six months after we got him, prior to being neutered....he figured out how to open the sliding screen door. so one night, he took his claws and opened the screen, jumped off the balcony (deja vu) and was gone!!! when we discovered he was gone, we searched and searched the next day. mark finally found him high on this rock ledge. mark had to scale the wall to get him. he had been in a fight with some animal... had a couple bite marks, but had also sprained his little leg :( . he was on antibiotics which he became allergic to...and his leg was in a soft cast for weeks.

    thank goodness he was a healthy cat, because he could never take oral medicine. would vomit...projectile at times...the medicine. also allergic to his shots, so the last 6-8 years of his life, he didnt get annual shots.

    he was really the love of my life. went through so many significant events in my life with me. always a stable force. he was an extremely loving cat. world traveler...cross country here in the states several different times.

    thanks for "listening" vene, i think there is alot of healing that happens by just telling stories.

  16. vene

    vene New Member

    Lynn, thank you for the beautiful story on Otis' origin. Oh my goodness, what a smart boy he was opening screens and jumping off balconies. Otis probably had 10 lives and lived to be almost 20 years.

    I know what you mean by skinny feral cats in Japan. I was in Taiwan in '85 and '97 and there were lots of skinny feral cats and dogs and the funny thing is they look healthy, not plump like my cats. Now with the SARS scare I don't think the cats are treated well in Asia. They think it's the cats that started it all. Sometimes people can be so stupid. I hate to think what's happening to the poor defenseless cats living there.

    I'll be blessed if any of my cats live to be 20 and half as good as Otis was.

    It's funny about how some cats are meant to be ours!
  17. vene

    vene New Member

    Lynn, I'm moving this post up so hopefully you'll find it. You said in a newer post that you couldn't find the older post with Max's pics in it. I love your new pics of Max. Keep them coming!

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