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Maggie broke her toe and has a suspicious mass on her foot.

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by elizavixen, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    Isn't that wonderful! She started limping Saturday - not so much limping but holding up her back foot. That foot had this swollen spot that I figured was the problem. So....took her to the vet and $500 later they say she broke her toe (they showed me the x-rays - she broke the thing like in half) but the mass is something separate. There are 5 vets at the place and none of them know just what it is. They gave me 3 possibilities: 1. she broke her foot before and that is how it healed - honestly - with Maggie it could be possible. 2. it is an osteochondroma - which they say is mostly harmless or the big 3! cancer. So, they x-rayed her chest while they were x-raying everything else and her chest looks clear but they are going to send all her x-rays to an orthopedic specialist and see what he says. If he says it is ok then we'll leave it. If he says it's suspicious then we'll get a biopsy and if it's cancer I'm going to have a 3-legged dog.

    Oh, and they x-rayed her hips and they look good. Not perfect but good.

    But now, I'm going nuts b/c Maggie can't get her splint wet or dirty - her two favorite things - and she's supposed to rest it - which means no Indy so I'm going crazy. I have a dog room but she hates it so I had to listen to barking and scratching at the floor and banging on the door all night. And Indy is depressed cause he doesn't know why he's out all alone.
  2. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    eesh! Poor girl! And poor you!

    But to be honest. It sounds to me like its just realted to the broken toe. dogs break their toes all the time. It could have just healed like that and it could be scar tissue or retention of fluid or something. Try and look on the bright side.

    I know if it were one of my girls, I'd be freeking like you. But hey. If worst comes to worst. Just know that dogs usually don't knotice that theyhave 3 legs and do very well with out one! we had a 3 legged dog named Tripod. He was an onld ugly mutt my grandpa hit with his truck and brought home. He ended up getting his hind leg amputated. HE never missed a beat without it and lived a long 13 years.

    I'm rootin for ya though that everything is ok!!!
  3. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    Poor maggie, sounds like its just a broken toe. TRUST ME, keep her as quiet as you can. I know it will be hard.

    I went thru this with Wylie a few years ago, she broke her front toe and they put a cast all the way up past her armpit :( for 4 weeks, well we were travelling and she got rambunctous and broke the cast, at this point she had had it on for about 2 weeks. so I had to go to an out of town vet, he said oh she doesnt need a cast and it was healing nicely and just wrapped it. a week later, she got that off and could not put any weight on it, so back to the regular vet who was mad, that the other vet didnt recast it, so she re-fractured her toe and ended up with a cast for 2 months. she sure learned how to run pretty good on 3 legs.
  4. coppersmom

    coppersmom New Member

    oh wow, I'm thinking about yall. Zoey had a dark spot removed from one of her back feet and had to keep her bandage clean and dry. I put a baby sock on it and wrapped plastic over that when it was wet. She strutted around all funny when she had that sock on lol. She would not let me change the bandage though. Good luck!

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