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maltipoo wont bond to child HELP asap

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by tildog, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. tildog

    tildog New Member

    we have a MAJOR problem. for our daughts 8th birthday we just got her a multipoo puppy. she is very nice to him and they cuddle when he is sleepy but other then that he wants nothing to do with her unless she is feeding him or has treats... He flat out INGORES everyone but me (mother) evan my husband. I dont know what to do.... We have her give him lots of treats and she feeds him and when shes not in school he takes him out to go potty with me ( i go because i just dont want her cleaning up dog poop and we have a small area we take him to do that) I dont know how else to help them bond if he cant bond with her i dont think we will be able to keep him and we dont want to get rid of him but idk what to do if its a puppy thing that he might grow out of? Its furstratin the pet shop we got him at instisted that they bond with all there family members but he doesnt want anything to do with anyone but me PLEASE any advice would be so helpfull thanks for taking the time to read my thread We have him sleep in a creat but he is NEVER in there durning the day as im a stay at home parent and i dont see the need to put him in there since he hates it so much but i am thinking tonight to let him sleep with my daughter. She hasnt in any way hurt him and hes nice as far as cuddleing with her when hes tired but other then that he only wants me if we cant get him to stop ingoring the kids im going to be forced to find him a new home :( we have invested quite a bit of money time and love into this dog and we are firm belivers that bringing home a new animal is adding a member to your family i REALLY REALLY do NOT want to resort to finding him a new family :*( please any thoughts would/could help thanks so much
  2. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    first question is why would you give up a dog simply because it doesn't bond with your daughter?
    Does your daughter play with him? Take him for walks?
    Perhaps having her take him to a puppy obedience class might help. She'll learn how to give him commands and how to teach him so he'll look to her for his guidance.
    Since your daughter is only 8 years old perhaps thinking of this dog as a family pet might help rather than just thinking of it as her dog. you pay vet bills, you buy food, etc.
    sounds like a family dog to me....you take care of him during the day (probably why he's attached to you) and she takes care of him in the evening. But the number of hours you are with him are a lot more than she is considering she's probably in school.
    Try the puppy classes but let her do it rather than you. And why can't she pick up dog pooh? Good lesson for her if she wants the dog to be hers.
    Perhaps put the crate in her room. I think the puppy classes would be ideal though...she learns how to train dogs too so it'll be something that'll benefit her for her entire life.

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