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Mom to a pekepoo

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by teddysmommie, May 14, 2008.

  1. teddysmommie

    teddysmommie New Member

    Hi everyone. I am new here.
    I am the new mommy to a pekepoo that we have named Teddy. We got him right at 6 weeks old and he is just a few days over 4 months now.

    He is the most adorable dog in the world. We have a few issues I'd love to get some advice on.

    First of all, he was VERY easy to train to the puppy pads. Within a day he was using them and within a few weeks we had very few accidents. I read a lot about house breaking and have started to try and move them closer to the door we got out to do potty but he will use the spot that it was in plus the use it in the new spot. I want to get him done with the puppy pads by the time he lifts his leg. But I don't know how and don't even know what age he will start lifting his leg at.

    The second problem I am dealing with is aggression. It started out with just a growl and now he snips. And if he has something in his mouth that he shouldn't have he gets vicious when I try to take it. He has drawn blood on me, my husband and oldest daughter. And now he's started to where he will attack the cats if they walk by him and he has his chew bone. I have recently started only giving him the chew bone when it's just him and I in a room to avoid him getting vicious. He is very protective and close to me so if one of my daughters tries to pay attention to him when he is near me he growls. I'm just afraid that it will get worse. I've been told that neutering will help but we have 2 more months for that. And I was also told this could be just a typical puppy behavior but it seems to be escalating. I do not coddle him when he does it. He gets a stern "NO" but even that doesn't phase him because if they try to pet him again he does the same thing.

    Outside of his aggression, he is an awesome dog. He loves to play chase and fetch with the entire family and has learned many commands. He's very bright, which I've heard is common with any dog bred with a poodle.

    But I'm a new dog mom, have usually always only had cats.

    Ay advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Chezza

    Chezza New Member

    I'm just thinking maybe a spray bottle of water maybe every time he growls like he does..Its like a shock thing..
    See if that works.
  3. milosmom

    milosmom New Member

    Mom to pekepoo pup

    sounds like he is asserting himself a bit too much in trying to be the alpha dog. have you tried the 'roll over' maneuver that Cesar Milan does? of course, one would do it very gently. I have a 3 month old poodle/terrier mix and he can be a handful, I am using the technique right now with him and it is slowly starting to work. You basically just put him over onto to his side you have to be on top - and hold him down, firmly, but gently. If you observe the mother dog this is kind of what she does to reprimand her pups. She is actually quite a bit rougher than what we would be!! It really comes down to you and your family being the "leaders" and your pup the follower. Trust me, makes for a much happier doggy when he knows his place in the "pack". I have had dogs most of my life, collies, sheps, border collie, doberman - and the more lenient and non-consistent we were the more the dog would be "out of control' and it really is not the dogs fault - it's us, the owners... good luck... :eek:

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