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my 2 australian blue lobsters.

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by jordan154, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. jordan154

    jordan154 New Member

    hi im new to this forum and aquariums.

    i was at my dad`s house and he has a tropical fish aquarium with many diffrent kinds of fish and i noticed he had a blue lobster i thought it looked so cool and i would really like one as a pet, so my dad said i could get one and he gave me his old fish tank approx 50cm x 30cm and about 35cm tall, and it had a nice size filter , thermometer and a light, i bought some sand to go into the tank but they only had silica sand and i put some nice size pebbels in there and this plastic plant thing wich they like to climb.

    anyway i bought 2 australian blue lobsters from the pet store, put them in the tank and they was doing fine one of them was about 1cm bigger but that wasnt really a problem they sticked together until the big one sheded his shell and he is now twice the size as the smaller one.

    im worried about the small one and want him to shed his shell as the big one "owns" about 90% of the tank and the small one is backed up hiding under the thermometer. the big one has dug some king of burrow with a nice wall of sand between both of there hiding places.the small one hardly ever comes out and i have to hand feed him the food.. as the big one litteraly rushes to get it all.

    i am new to owning a fish tank and if you have got any tips that would be appreciated thanks for reading all of this :D

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