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My 3 years old cat died yesterday :(

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by Magicer, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Magicer

    Magicer New Member


    Yesterday at 4 am my time, my cat passed away after an hour and a half of painful expressions, the story starts 2 weeks ago when he got a bacteria infection in his ears because we accidently got some water inside his ears.. it was driving him nuts and he was scratching it like crazy

    So we went to the veterinarian and at the first 3 days the vet gave him some shots of vitamins, antibiotics and he cleaned his ears and in a matter of 4-5 days everything seemed perfect.

    Then all of a sudden, my cat stopped eatting NOR drinking water for like 2 days and he would sit alone away from us and whenever we try to play with him he wont respond what so ever, wont even look.. that's when we head back to the vet.

    This time he gave him glucose and more vitamins shots and he told us its a flu that got into him.. and he requested that we come back in the next couple days for more shots, so the next day we went again to the vet. and this time he diagnosed his condition as inflamation of the liver without running any blood tests on him and he told us we need to mix water and honey and give it to him and prevent him from eatting anything and he described some vitamins and antibiotics that we need to give to him on daily basis.. unfortunately that night my cat passed away.

    At that night, my cat could not move and his eyes were so yellow so i tried to lift him up and put him on a warm bed because he was sitting on the floor and it was a cold night and that's when it all started to go wrong, he started having convulsions and we tried giving him water mixed with honey like the vet said, he could not even swallow it, his stomache started to make these noises like it wants to explode it looked very painful he wanted to meow but it sounded so weak, then he peed himself, and his breath was getting harder and harder and it seemed like it stops for a second then goes back on..

    this stayed for like 30 mins before he started vomitting blood and that was it, he passed away.. :cry: this happened at 4 am and we had no vet available at that time we tried everything we could and we loved this cat very much and we are very sad he passed away.. can anyone please tell me what we did wrong? why he passed away? could it be an infected seringe because i think the doctor wasn't using new needles when he gave him the vitamins and especially the glucose needle, it was huge and it seemed like he just had it ready when we got in.. this veterinarian has a busy clinique and it seems like he wont do a mistake like this.. i really wanna know what happened to my cat.. he was perfect except when we went to the veterinarian to treat his ears..

  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    So sorry to hear about your cat.
    You will not know what happened unless you ask for the vet to do an Autopsy/ Post Mortem this will then show exactly what happened.

    Without this you will never know and will always be looking at what you or the Vet did wrong, from what you have said the vet did everything they could apart from blood tests but some vets do not routinely do them.

    Sorry i could not be more help


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