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My baby Rottie hates to use her lease...Help!

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by joe, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. joe

    joe New Member

    My 11 week old Rottie has never been on a lease so she won't budge with it on her. I attach it to her collar so she can walk around and get used to it but when it comes time to lead her on a leash she sits down and DARES me to just try and use that ol' leash! Any advise from a rottie owner or anyone else would be sooooo appriciated. Thank you.
  2. HDrydr

    HDrydr New Member

    Welcome to the boards....

    This will take time :D but she will learn. Keep letting her get used to it on her in a safe environment. I've put dogs on leashes that have never been lead before and It takes time. You could try using treats but not always giving a treat or they will only work for treats... have the lead on and gently tug and give her the come command and when she does praise her and offer a treat every once and a while.. Once she doesn't mind the tug you could try walking short short distances praising her...

    She should learn quickly rotties are strong willed :mrgreen: so stay on top of it and be consistent...

    Hope that helps and good luck
  3. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi and welcome, I own a rottie and i can tell you they like to be stubborn at times.
    The best thing to do is when in the house have her collar and leash on her and allow the leash to trail behind her and she will get used to it being on.

    The other way is to have treats ready and as soon as you get the collar and leash ask her to sit and give a treat, Then show her the leash and say go for a walk and slow put it on, when she is calm, give her another treat and praise her.

    When trying to walk her the treat bribe does work, offer a treat and only give her it when she has walked to you while your holding the leash.

    While walking keep saying good girl and if she is walking ok offer her a treat again, She will soon associate walking on the leash as a positive thing.

    Do not give up though as they quickly learn how to make you do what they want.

  4. joe

    joe New Member

    My Rottie is soiling her create!!!

    Her create is very small for her so she doesn't have "extra" room for soiling. She has the "runs" from a change in diet and is messing her create. Am I ruining any chance at "create trainging" her??

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