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My cockatiels egg has just hatched

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by robinson, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. robinson

    robinson New Member

    hi there
    i have 2 cockatiels and the female has just layed sum egga and 1 has hatched. I was just wondering if any one of you would know what to feed it as i did not know they wer egoing to hatch :?
    please write back thanx :p
  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi you dont feed them anything you feed the parents with soft foods such as boiled eggs, boiled pasta,whole wheat bread.

    You can also buy proper egg food which is specially made for feeding adult birds with chicks and for help rearing and weaning chicks.

    Aslong as the parents are feeding them then you dont need to touch them also do not handle the chicks till they are atleast 2weeks old as there parents will kill them or reject them.

    Mike cockatiel breeder.
  3. robinson

    robinson New Member


    thanx soooo much 4 the info. could i ask you 1 more q? Are cockatiels meant to lay eggs and sit on them and are they meant to hatch them inside because i read a book as i dont no much about them and it says that they only hatch eggs in avaries :?
  4. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi any type of bird will lay eggs and hatch them either indoors or out in an aviary the best thing about indoors is you can control the temprature of the room and can keep a very close eye on the chicks.

    My cockatiels are indoors now and have started mating again.
    Aslong as the Parents are getting the correct food to feed there chicks and the mother has cuttlefish bone and mineral block to keep her in top condition then all will be well.

    Feel free to email me with anymore questions you may have.

  5. robinson

    robinson New Member


    thanx 4 the info!!!!! we now have 2 chicks and fingers crossed they may live. however 1 did die when they first had them as they didnt no wat 2 do. anyway thank you sooooo much coz i didnt have a clue
  6. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Glad everything is going ok and sorry about the 1 that died.
    Good luck and if i am not here you can always email me if you would like further help or advice.

  7. robinson

    robinson New Member

    3 birds

    :D thanx 2 the info you gave me i now have 3 chicks. I was born 2day and the other 2 are quite big and strong now. Their mum and dad are taking it in turn to look after them and all looks well. thank you again for the info :D
  8. lanena322

    lanena322 New Member

    charmedagain: I as a fellow cockatiel breeder disagree with this statement to a point. If the parent birds are used to being around humans then no harm will come with touching the chicks. I for one do touch the chicks when they are very young, I look in the box everyday to make sure they are being fed. I also do a thorough cleaning once a week of the nestbox so it isnt full of droppings.

    I place the chicks in a bowl with towels and cover the bowl and quickly clean the box. My parent tiels who are inside I open the cage door and let them explore or stay with the babies while I clean. But my birds who are in an outdoor aviary I keep the bowl where they can see the babies and clean the box, none of them seem to have a problem with that.

    Maybe you were reffering to budgies and other bird species?

    Just a thought
  9. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    HI as a cockatiel breeder it is unwise to touch the chicks until they are atleast 2weeks old this is when it is safe to clean out the nest box.
    Even hand tame cockatiels can and will reject and kill there chicks if they are handle by people i check the nest regularly to make sure they are being fed but never handle them.
    One of my breeding pair are hand tame and they killed 3out of 4 of there chicks do to me touching them to clean there nest so i had to hand rear the 4th from 3days of age.

    The same goes for all birds never touch there young until they are 2weeks of age
  10. Plincko

    Plincko New Member

    Sorry Charmedagain, but I also agree with Lanena. There is no "rule" as to when a human should be allowed to handle the chicks. This is entirely up to the breeder. For well-socialized chicks, it is advisable to handle them as much as possible without interfering with their parents' "schedule". It is actually especially important to handle the chicks during the first two weeks. This is because, as their eyes are closed, they rely on their senses of hearing, touch, and scent. If you intend to tame the birds as easily as possible, it is a good idea to get them very used to your hands and voice, as well as even your breathing pattern. Chicks tend to experience fear and stress when their eyes first open, and even their human handler will intimidate them to some degree. However, the baby birds will be most likely to warm up to you sooner if they recognize the feel of your fingers, breath, and sound of your voice. An unsocialized chick might take longer to acclimate because no initial confrontation has ever happened, and they are less likely to recognize you.
  11. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    I have been informed by the breeders i know they told me that none of the chicks untill 2weeks of age this is due to the fact the parents can reject or even kill there babies.

    I also been told that the only time chicks should be handle is when the parents wont feed them and they need to be hand raised.
    I have bred cockatiels and budgies for awhile and none of my chicks are handle until 2weeks of age apart from1 which i had to hand raise due to being neglected by her parents.

    As for the chicks freaking out and become stressed if they have not been handled before there eyes open is not true as all of mine have been fine they all know my voice and they know the smell of my aftershave and i dont have any trouble hand taming any of the birds.

    But everyone has there own opinion on the matter


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