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My ducks legs seem hurt

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by AnnaBelle, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. AnnaBelle

    AnnaBelle New Member

    Hey, we have 2 grown muscovies that live out in our front yard. They have been bit by snakes on their legs before and they always get better within a couple of days. About a week ago from today both of our ducks were limping. We thought it was another snake that bit them or either a wasp or a bee had stung them. But it has been almost a week and today one of the ducks can not walk. She just sits there like she sits when she is sitting on her eggs. She has laid eggs 4 diferent times before though and neither one of them have ever acted this way. I am afraid something bad has happened but it is something that has never happened to them before. It's like it happened very slowly...the first day they were limping, then the next couple of days they were limping worse and today one of them cannot even walk and she is just sitting in the same spot all day and the other one can barely walk. We are having to go outside and move them around in the shade when it gets too hot. Can anyone please help and if you know what could have happened please let me know. Thankyou Genny......
  2. Fuz

    Fuz New Member

    we had a duck that the same exact thing happened to him and it got so bad that he started having convoltions :( and he died in my arms :cry: . in my opinion if it is so bad that they can no longer walk just put them down. if you do not have the heart to put them down one thing you can do is have them excersize there legs, fill up a bin so that their legs cannot touch the bottom of the bin when they swim then tie their wings so they can't use them and let them swim around in the bin make sure you are right there supervising. that is all the information i can give you sorry i cant help more. :(

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