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Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by joe, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. joe

    joe New Member

    She goes to the bathroom every half hour on the hour before bed. I get up when i hear her crying but it's too late, she's soiled her create. It's a small create, too small for her to be soiling herself while inside. Her diet just changed and she is still very small (11 weeks) and has the diarreah. I don't let her eat after 7pm and still she messes her create before I can get her outside. Help, I am a new puppy owner and I don't want to mess up her create training!
  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi, how much are you feeding and how often?
    My rottie used to soil in her crate until she was 16 weeks old then she just stopped.
    Puppies will soil their crates no matter how often you take them out to the toilet its just a case of them learning to hold it as they get older.

    I wouldn't worry about it ruining her crate training as they soon stop doing it.

    Changing food should be done over a couple of days and not straight away as this really upsets their stomach.
    Did you mix a small amount of the new food in with her old food?

    Stress and anxiety can cause pups to get the runs aswell.
    One thing i will say is if she cries during the night which most pups do, do not go to her as she will learn to cryand you will goto her and she will do it all the time and cause seperation anxiety.

    My rottie is now 18 month old and still has her crate which she uses when she wants some alone time al other times she is asleep with my other dog.

    Try changing her last feed to around 5pm and see what happens.
    Try not to stress as she will pick up on this and cause her to stress.
    Make sure she drinks plenty of water as dehydrated can occur quickly in a pup that has diarreah.

    If you need anymore help you can always email me at



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