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New aquarium, new fish some dieing

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by rio_and_me, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. rio_and_me

    rio_and_me New Member

    Well we brought a new tank, pump and filter for our 2 healthy gold fish.
    that switch to a new tank went well, untill we introduced 5 new fish, to small algi eater thing that lay on the rocks, one eel type thing (they are very good at escaping out of tanks which this one did and died) and 2 fat fish things, all was ok then we noticed that one of the fat things was dead, and the other fish had little white spots on there tails and fins.
    We went back to the place where we got them and they tested the water, they said it was very high in Amonia? and that we fed the to much (guilty) and that when we changed the filter we werent soposed to take out all of the wool stuff (which we did).
    They said change half the water, add so stress eze stuf and DONT feed them for 4 days, and come back in a week so we can test the water again etc so we followed all that tomorrow is the day we go back but all the fish (not the algi eaters) are just lying on the bottom Not dead just slugish, and the white spots have gotten worse, any tips on what we've done wrong or what theses spots are??
    Thanks Ky
  2. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    Your new tank isn't cycled so the ammonia from the fish is just building up and poisoning them. What size is the tank and what filter do you have? Exactly how high was the ammonia? I need the actual number. Plus if you could give me the readings for nitrIte, & nitrAte, that will help too. I suggest buying your own test kits. It will save you a lot of trouble having to go to the LFS anytime you need your water tested.

    The spots sound like ich. I suggest picking up a med called Clear-Ich or Rid-Ich+ (those are the only 2 I know of that are safe for scaleless fish).

  3. rio_and_me

    rio_and_me New Member

    Well we got our own testing kit and the water is now ok, but they are still ill, one is now totally dieing (other fat fish) the goldies are still ill too.
    They have a white tint to them all now, and white spots are really visiable and the fat fishs scales are like bubbling (hard to explain), we got some treatment stuff and added it today but it doesnt seem to work.
    By tomorrow i think the little one will be dead, i will buy some of the ick treatment if we can get it.
    The lady at the big fish centre said in the beginning that it was our fault etc but we sorted the problem yet they are all ill now, and some of there fish in the place where dead and had spots on so we dont go there now.
    I think they caught the diease from the new fat fish.
    Ky and Rio
  4. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    I still need to know your exact readings for those tests (#'s not "It's okay"), what size tank, and what kind of fish. What medicine did you add to the tank today? When you say the scales are "bubbling" do you mean they're sticking out sort of like a pine cone? By "white tint" do you mean they have white patches or they're just really pale/washed out looking?


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