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New Cockatiel Behavior Concerned

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by Eclipse, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Eclipse

    Eclipse New Member

    Hi I recently purchased a new Parakeet. I just brought him home and he seems really unhappy.

    His cage at the pet store wasn't really a cage more like a clear case with an open top and lots of walking room. I bought the cage with the widest bottom for him to walk around but he seems a bit flustered that he is inclosed. I want to let him out more, and I will but I am worried that he still will not be satisfied and that this behavior will continue. He is generally good natured and a sweet bird. I want him to be happy. I was told to give him 24 hours to get aclimated to his new environment. What do you think?

    Tucson, AZ
  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi any animal brought nito a new enviroment can and usually do seem abit unhappy this usually passes after a couple of days to a week, Just keep the room quiet until he gets used to his surroundings.

    Keep talking to him and handle him as much as possible and you will find he will be fine in a couple of days.
    Give him toys and things to keep him occupied birds also seem to like music so having a radio on low will keep him quite content.

  3. Eclipse

    Eclipse New Member

    Thanks! I am trying to hold him as much as possible and he seems more talkative lately. I am hoping he gets back to the bird I met in the shop. He is still a bit moody. Seems to only want to be held when he chirps.

    But when he visits with us he wants to stay on our shoulders... but its almost painful trying to get him off, hissing, snapping, and just doesn't want to move. Any suggestions? I have even tried luring him with food.
  4. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    If he keeps biting and hissing when on your shoulder i would suggest keeping him off your shoulder and only allowing him on your lap, When a bird is higher up he/she thinks they are the dominant one, People think birds are not dominant but they are.
    Its usually the females that are agressive as the males are more docile and easier to train and learn.

    Also you could try using a glove or hand towel to get him off your shoulder so he can not bite you.
    I bought a bird stand that are made for parrots to sit on when out of there cage and my cockatiels sit on that.

    But again if he continues to bite and hiss then only option is to keep him off your shoulder.

  5. Eclipse

    Eclipse New Member

    Hmm I wonder about that. He only acts that way when it comes time to remove him but I get what your saying he thinks thats his perch. He is a male.

    He really doesnt like being out of the cage and not near someone but if he gets on someone then its the shoulder that he wants I will let him out and set him atop his cage. Once there he chirps for attention until held. If I place him on my lap he climbs up my shirt. If I am wearing short sleeves he scrapes gently at my skin to get up my arm but that has less success.

    Do you think that if I handle him that I should try and keep him at a certian position? For instance keep him in place on my lap somehow or do you think having a stand near where my shoulder is would be a good idea?

    I am sorry I am asking so many questions. >.<

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